Not Really Naked?

Purge (Her Royal Majesty's Records)
Bif Naked

By Kory Wilcoxson

You don't see many artists like Bif Naked. She's a solo female trying to make her way in the world of power pop and punk rock. There are several female-fronted bands in that arena - No Doubt, Veruca Salt, etc. But when's the last time a woman made a name for herself? I've gotta go back to Joan Jett.

The difficulty of this happening is proven by the lengths this artist must go to in order to get some attention. (I'm just guessing, but I don't think Bif Naked is her real name). And that's a shame, because the music on Purge stands on its own. Her style channels the cocksure swagger of Jett ("I Love Myself Today") as well as the bouncy pop of the Dance Hall Crashers ("Regular Guy").

Naked knows how to rock, but can also tone it down to show a softer side ("Hold On"). In other words, she realizes she doesn't have to yell all the time to be heard. Let's hope that the next talented female punk singer won't have to call herself Scooter Hooters to get a record deal.