A Satisfying Look Back

Where I Come From (Original Music Showcase)
Bobby Osborne

By Bob Mitchell

From the heartfelt opening track, "Mississippi," to the soulful closing title track, Bobby Osborne shows the world one more time he can deliver a first-rate country song the way a country song should be delivered. No high-powered Nashville spit and polish, no overpowering electric bass, no endless thumping drums - just a convincing voice backed by a talented band that understands its role. Listening to this project was a joy that brought back memories of the glory years of "real" country music. This reviewer wishes Music City USA would listen to "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" from this collection.

The prolific Larry Cordle contributes four excellent songs: the opening track; "If It Ain't Broke;" a heart-rending "There's Always Yesterday" and "High Weeds and Rust," a poignant, powerful track that could also have been the title track. "High Weeds" deals with memories of home, the passage of time and mama's love: essential elements for any great country tune. Equally powerful is Scott Anders' soulful "High Cotton."

A nostalgic favorite for me on this album is Tommy Collins' "You Gotta Have a License." This cheerful melody is about compliance with the law (fishing, driving and marriage.) I remember when Collins released his version in the 1950s. At the time I did not have a driver's license, so I rode my bike to a record shop in downtown Louisville to buy the "78." (For those who don't remember 78s, they were very brittle records about the size of a small pizza. They held about 3 minutes of music per side, they got very scratchy after repeated listening and they broke easily.)

On my way home, the wind blew the record against my handlebars, causing it to break before I got home. It crushed my young heart, so I went back for another copy and listed to it so many times I remembered every word and inflection as Osborne belted out this contagious melody with clever lyric.

On the serious side, Osborne provides a heartbreaking reading of "Say Hello To Heaven." This song is about a man who misses his departed wife who was killed by drunk driver.

In conclusion, Where I Come From is a knockout project. For more info, check out www.omhrecords.com.