Seesawing for God

Home From Nowhere (Grandma's Kitchen Records)

By David Lilly

Mile7 is not actually playing a seesaw as a musical instrument ("huh?" you will say). Neither are the band members using playground equipment to display their faith. "Seesawing" is a metaphor for my lingering indecisiveness, after several listens to all of this CD, whether the overall mood of the music suggests melancholia or peace of mind...or a crafty balance of both. The exceptions to that ambivalence are the radio-friendly and passionate, "What You Wanted," the somewhat more intense, "Burn" and the pleasant, sentimental ode to the north side of the river, "Good Morning Indiana."

I offer equal parts praise and criticism ("This writer has brain cooties," you may suggest) for vocalist John Porter, due to his semi intelligibility. I like it because it reminds me of early Michael Stipe, yet I am annoyed because I'm interested in listening to this band's lyrics. Is there just no pleasing some music journalists? ("Like you?" you might retort). Well, this CD isn't going to change my life, as I'm already on Mile7's side, so to speak, but any criticism I offer is constructive. Not that this review is going to change the lives of the members of Mile7.

My recommendation to you is this: buy a copy of this CD and listen to it at least two or three times. Since you're not me ("Thank God for that," you may rejoice), you might sooner come to grips with the mood of the music. If you have headphones, I recommend you use them to eliminate aural distractions so you might understand the lyrics better than I have so far ("I don't have headphones," I will whine).

Why do I suggest these things? I think this band's music is worthy of your time and money. Mile7 is a Kentuckiana band whose members happen to be Christians. They play personal songs of praise without pontificating or proselytizing. They just want to share. Nothing more, nothing less. Even for the cost of 42 minutes of music, think of that as a gift.