On Second Thought

Tantalizing Numbers Open 2003 For Louisville Ballet

By Henry C. Mayer

The talent and competence of Louisville Ballet's new Artistic Director Bruce Simpson will be on display in the program that will be presented in January, during which two of the three works will have their local premieres. The first of them was inspired in part by the hauntingly beautiful music of Ralph Vaughan Williams. Its intriguing and somewhat mystifying title, Beyond, is a psychological and award-winning work that takes the audience to the very boundaries of movement. Its choreographer is the talented Adam Hougland and it has already won critical acclaim, not only in this country but also in Montreal.

The second work, Napoli Variations, has been performed for more than 150 years and not lost its appeal. Choreographed by Auguste Bournonville, who devoted half a century to the Royal Danish Ballet, Its music is taken from four composers. It has been an important work in the local company's repertoire and well worth repeating.

This fascinating program concludes with Dance Sport which "is a light-hearted parody of the ballet world translated through sports commentary." The choreographer is the widely acclaimed Harrison McEldowney and this performance is another first for a Louisville audience.