Eddy Metal

News From the Pit
By Eddy Metal

Name: Ivan Arnold

Age: 28

Instrument: Guitar, Bass and Drums.

Band/Former Bands: Currently playing Bass for Silent Q. Former bands include Invictus, Son Of Slam, Crawlspace, My Own victim, Creed (Louisville's) and Flaw.

Ivan Arnold

How Long On Instrument: I have Been playing drums for 20 years. Guitar and Bass for just 3 years.

Equipment: I play a 4 string Hohner B- bass, with Hartke Cabinets and a Trace Elliot bass head.

Influences: Chum, Faith No More, King's X, Overkill and old Metallica. (How could a band that was once so good come to suck so hard?)

Hobbies: Reading, Hiking and Camping.

Favorite Movies: The Party Animal is the best movie made by anyone, ever! Lately I've watching Snatch, The Way Of the Gun and Fight Club.

Favorite Food: Unfortunately, I like it all. Which explains the ever-expanding waistline. I do have a soft spot for Indian food.

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: Chum is the best band in the entire world! Their CD never leaves my disc changer. Other than that I listen to a lot of local stuff. It just seems so much cooler to put in a CD and say " I know those guys." Stuff I been listening to lately includes the new Tornacade, Execrate, Factor 9 and 13th Level. I also listen to a lot of Tool, Deftones, Sevendust and I've kinda been on an Overkill kick lately.

Coolest Thing I've Done: When I was in My Own Victim, we played in Serbia as an opening act for Biohazard.

It was a real awakening for me. The Serbians had just gone through the civil wars that had separated Yugoslavia into five separate countries. Tens of thousands of kids were protesting in the streets everyday. All they wanted was a voice. And they were getting screwed by their government, headed by Milosevic (imagine that). Even with all this crap going on around them, these kids still managed to scrape together what was equivalent to an entire month's salary for a ticket to see us play. For them, going to this show was an expression of a kind of freedom that they had been denied for a very long time. It really made me appreciate the freedom that we have. Plus it gave me a new perspective on music.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Crawlspace's first headlining show at the Toy Tiger. We had to play an hour and fifteen minutes to fulfill our contract with the Tiger's manager, but we only had about thirty minutes of music. So we decided to play every song twice!

But that still left us fifteen minutes short. So someone in the band had the bright idea that the perfect set filler would be a fifteen minute drum solo! It sucked and I never played a solo ever again.