Dr. Funkman Has the Cure

Hymns and Devil Music (Communion Music)
Greg Foresman

By David Lilly

What does a "journeyman" guitarist do after leaving his Louisville home and spending years working the American road? I mean other than getting close enough to major success to smell it with The Hammerheads, recording a debut solo album and landing a steady guitar gig with country music superstar Martina McBride? What Greg Foresman did after all that was record an exceptional sophomore CD. This ain't no mosaic of samples; this is a ten-song jug of the creative juices of a consistently working musician who has spent far more time spidering up and down the fretboard than posing for music-video cameras.

The funk dances throughout most of this disc, beguining at the very beginning with the rumbling gratitude of "Thank You" and the deliciously plodding "Fishin' Blues." Call this cheap praise but "Feels So Good" feels so good that ... "how good does it feel?" you might ask. Well, matey, if you hear it live or on a jukebox, good luck finding room on the dance floor. The women will crowd it, I'm sure. Much of it happens to sound like some kind of rearrangement of Steve Miller's "The Joker." Must be that bass player. Despite "Do Whatcha Gotta Do" getting my vote for song-most-likely to be found on your radio, it's still a good song that transcends most modern radio ga-ga. Finally, if "Southland" doesn't sound like Steely Dan working the funk out of seven minutes of jazz, I don't know what does, except the Dan themselves. I also don't know if that was Foresman's intention, but if not then I'd pray for more accidents like it. This Greg Foresman dude funkin' rocks.

If I haven't given you enough reason to purchase this disc, then good grief, man, go get it just cause of the great artwork and the attention-tickler of a title. Find out more about Mr. Foresman at


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