The Show Must Go On!

By Rob Greenwell

Neither rain nor sleet nor a snowstorm that cripples a city will stop the Hayseed Dixie band from playing a gig. The band drove six hours from Nashville in a driving snowstorm (Nashville is normal only a three-hour drive distant) to start Coyote's ten-year anniversary week and for the thirty or so people who showed up on Wednesday, December 4, they were treated to one hell of a show.

This is not your daddy's bluegrass band; they are a comedy group that plays some rear-kicking bluegrass music. The transmogrification of tunes from some non-bluegrass style to bluegrass was first done by the now-defunct Run C&W, which did "soul music the way God intended it - bluegrass style." Hayseed is best known for their bluegrass renditions of AC/DC tunes, along with the comedic songs of "Poop In a Jar" and "Big Balls," they also Queen and the J. Geils Band, performing "Fat Bottomed Girl" and "Centerfold."

In order to understand Hayseed Dixie you must see them perform live. Their set was roughly ninety minutes in length and hilarious. They will have you laughing for days after you see them live. Go see them perform, as they are well worth the money. If you can't make it to seem them live, be sure to listen to the syndicated morning radio show "Bob and Tom," as they are frequent guests on that show. I must also give them kudos for their professionalism, as they played on even though there were only thirty hardy souls there.

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