Hi-Fi Revival (Tooth and Nail Records)
O.C. Supertones

By Kory Wilcoxson

Several albums ago, the Orange County Supertones cemented their status as kings of the Christian ska-punk music scene (hey, there wasn't much competition). But as ska music has faded in popularity, the Supertones have needed to redefine themselves to stay current. On their last album, the superb Loud and Clear, the Supertones smashed their ska crowns with a raging hard rock set that was much more Limp Bizkit than No Doubt.

Now they're back with Hi-Fi Revival, which is less edgy and more diverse than Loud and Clear, but still as excellent. Hi-Fi is more balanced and yet more musically more wide-ranging than earlier Supertone albums. The opening track, "Superfly," is a funky free-for-all jam that captures the energy of the group; "Go Go Go" is supercharged rock anthem; and the cadence of "Attitude" while make you want to do the hand jive.

Lyrically, the Supertones are as strong as ever, continuing to explore their relationships with God and its cultural ramifications. "Just a Man" is a perfect example, as lead singer Matt Morginsky (aka "Mojo") sheds all his labels to discover that at his core he is a creature of God's creation. The only hiccup on the album is "Hold On to Jesus," a clichéd ballad that seems completely out of place in the midst of its raucous siblings. Otherwise, the Supertones have completed another stellar revival of their sound.