The Action Album! (Novo Records)
oh my god

By David Lilly

Oh my god, it's a three-piece trio! Yes, Oh my God is "only" a trio but these guys generate more noise than inner-city rush hour traffic. Oh My God has the cure for folks who are sick of guitar music or who simply prefer a break from the six-string axe. With singer Billy O'Neil filling in bottom and Zach Nold directing thunder with heavy chopsticks, a guy we'll call Mr. Iguana eases your guitar pain with his piano and organ playing. The, uh, "key" sound here is at times like an electric slinky gone haywire; other times it sounds like a couple of power tools that has discovered their musical abilities and are going bull goose loony. But wait, there's a mellow side to the band as well.

The brief and herky-jerky first song, "Action!," was made for the FM airwaves. After that, these guys want to know if you understand "The Beauty of Servitude," with rocking keyboards and irresistible vocal hooks. "The Weather" is most pleasant musically and contains the interesting lines, "Sleeping under the sun/Dreaming of snowstorms while her skins turns brown." "Reading Stones" brings forth more tasty hooks and borders on being anthemic, as does the definitely anthemic, "Go, Team.."

And so it a nutty music shell, this is a CD of keyboard-based rock candy for the ears. For the most part, the lyrics seem kind of sketchy to me, but generally speaking, it's a fun record. Wanna know more, eh? Visit

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