Thee Flying Carpets (Independent)
Thee Flying Carpets

By David Lilly

What is the result when music has a kind of psychedelic spaghetti-western feel, at least a subtle element of surf-punk guitar and a singer that sounds like an intense dweller at the intersection of Jim Carroll and...gulp...Mick Jagger? I'd pay real money that there are a lot of different answers to that - or blank faces. My answer is in the form of Louisville's Thee Flying Carpets.

The songs "Land Behind the Mirror," "Eyes in the Back of My Head" and "If You Don't Stop" (and the psychedelic cover art courtesy of Jim Battles) beckon thee listeners to rooms of day-glo and black lights - or one of those 1967 musical interludes in Austin Powers movies. The music Thee Flying Carpets make is both ripe for dancing to and somehow would make a good backdrop for in-depth discussion.

Rumor has it that a full-length CD by Thee Flying Carpets is to be released in early 2003 on the Ear X-tacy label. In the interim, please enjoy this EP. Find out a whole lot more about this band via