Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: Chris Leffler

Chris Leffler

Age: 28

Instrument: Guitar

Band/Former Bands: Assisting Sorrow, 1996-present; Cataclysm, 92-95. Contributed guitar to Empyreum Asunder Project, and a lead guitar track for Abominants "Fight To Be Free."

How Long On Instrument: 15 years.

Equipment: Hamer California Deluxe USA; Ibanez (older RG series) EMG 89's; Laney VH100R Tube head; Laney Bottom Cabinet w/Invader Speakers; Boss GX-700 effects processor

Influences: Iron Maiden; Death; Atheist; Helstar; Fates Warning; King Diamond; Sanctuary; Morbid Angel; James Murphy; Yngwie Malmsteen; Alex Skolnick; Warren D Martini; Shawn Tique; George Lynch; Jason Becker; my Dad, just to name a few.

Hobbies: Well, I don't consider music a hobby. It's all I really care about. It's all I think about and all that I focus on outside of my daytime job. Hmmm... Star Wars wound be second.

Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Goodfellas, Back To The Future

Favorite Food: Pizza. Lots of it!

Favorite Place: Cleveland Ohio. Killer metal scene. Looking forward to playing there and visiting again.

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: Hate Eternal; Judas Priest; Rage; Charlie Parker. The new Vital Remains CD kicks Ass!

Coolest Thing I've Done: Meeting Gene Hoglan finally was pretty cool and a huge honor Coolest thing I've done this year is I avoided getting into another car wreck. That's pretty cool!

Most Embarrassing Moment: Every moment is an embarrassing moment. Trying to climb into the side of our van that was on top of a wrecker in 93 after playing a gig in Cincinnati was pretty embarrassing. (You had to be there to see the full picture.)