Respect Finally Granted

In Between Now and Then (Everfine/Lava Records)
Of A Revolution A.K.A. O.A.R

By John Bohannon

After three successful albums, Columbus, Ohio natives Of a Revolution release their long-awaited fourth album In Between Now and Then. This reggae/acoustically influenced band lives up to their name and creates a phenomenon, to say the least. This was their first project after they teamed up with Lava Records to start their very own record label, Everfine Records. With catchy guitar riffs and unforgettable lyrics, this album will keep you coming back for more.

With the first five minutes of the album being true to their reggae roots, "Intro/Dareh Meyod" catches Marc Roberge's scruffy voice at its absolute best. Even though the rest of the album lacks that reggae vibe, the catchy lyrics to "Mr. Moon" and "Revisited" will keep you humming along.

The emotional side of Marc comes out in "James," about a friend of his dying. The lyrics - "Breath, Breath, Deep for me James. Don't you feel that youre free now from pain. I've heard about Heaven for years, Can't be sure where you are, wander on blessed James, I'm fine with you here" - keep your heart pounding. With these lyrics and those in "Whose Chariot" and "Road Back to Columbus," Roberge shows a maturity not apparent in his writing from their previous college party music.

With the redone version of "Hey Girl," O.A.R. is slowly working its way up to the mainstream because of its more "pop" tendencies. But to the public and loyalists of the band, it has been said to be their time to garner more credit from the nation for what they do. With the previous albums mostly getting the credit in the East, even though .the production .wsa not as good, IBN&T is a spectacular project from John Alagia. While most critics are claiming this is as " a summer album that will be in your closet by September, " to the contrary, The public seems to think this is O.A.R.'s greatest accomplishment yet.