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News From the Pit
By Eddy Metal

Howdy from the land of lunatics!

It's that good ole fashioned Kentucky red-necking in action! Like none on the planet! I got a couple of recent redneck tales for you to check out.

At one of the all-ages venues about a month or so back, some young kids got into a brawl that I heard got pretty violent and bloody because one group of kids was metal and the other group of kids was straightedge. That is, straight up retarded.

A question to these kids. Who cares who is hardcore, metal or straightedge?

Don't make trouble for the venue by bringing the cops, breaking equipment and possibly getting them sued by some poor kids parents. The venue has been good to you kids. What other venue brings such heavy cool bands? So mind your own business and have fun for yourselves.

What in the world is going on in this scene lately? Everyone's acting the fool. It seems like everyone wants to fight nowadays. Can't we all just get along? lol.

Kids beating each other to a pulp because one likes cradle of Filth and the other likes Snapcase, dudes punching chicks in the face, venues shutting metal shows out and maybe even possibly closing! Sheesh, what next?

Thank god I have some monster security guards at the shows I put on at the Hill.

Anyone gets out of line at my shows gets `escorted' to the curb by barrel-bodied security guards. And that is why my shows have been kicking butt for going on four years now. Perhaps I should just start an organization called K.R.A.

The Kentucky Redneck Association. We'll rent a trailer park lot and have live local bands, bare fisted brawling, metal kids versus straightedgers, dudes versus chicks, mud wrestling, brawling strippers, drunken midget wrestling and last but not least we'll get the Fox and Walrus DJ's into the ring together to settle their differences. I'd pay to see it.

The Metal Grapevine

Tekworld, To Be Or Not To Be - Rumors are flying. And the latest is that Tekworld might be closing its doors sometime this summer. Even though the place has done well, there have been some incidents there that are not good. Kids disrespecting the establishment and making trouble, generally being a pain in the arse. I think the owners need a break from the madness.

When the Toy Tiger closed down, I was totally bummed. It was my second home. If Tekworld closes, you kids are going to be feeling exactly how I did. Bummed!

Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead! There is a club in town with a great sound system and excellent atmosphere. It is one of Louisville's premier night clubs. But because of the woman who managed the place, trying to get your band a gig there was like trying to scale Mount Everest in your underwear. Now, it seems the owners have given her the sack. Now maybe we can have more local shows there, other than just the top five bands and their close friends playing there over and over.

Factor 9 Calls It Quits


After A few lineup changes, one of Louisville's top ten bands has called it a day after several years in the scene. Good luck to all those guys.

Venues Acting The Fool Yup, that's right. A couple of venues have shut us out. One got fixed up real nice, only to not have bands play there. This is a venue that has been around a long time. I really liked playing there. They've been closed for awhile but are now open again. It's on Preston Street.

Apparently the new owners are trying for something else. I think they definitely need us Louisville bands to succeed. I know the area and bar well and I know I'm right. So to the new owners: Give us back our venue and we'll get you some serious business in the form of drinkers galore.

And another venue quit having original music altogether.

I've only got one comment about the move these establishments have made to further their business venture and success all the while ignoring and turning their back on this music scene. "This sucks!"

Moms Sees The Light! Okay, I know I bitched about Mom's music not supporting the metal scene in the past. (Enough of you have reminded me of that, thank you). But instead of getting mad at me, Mom's has apologized about the lack of support for the heavier music in the past and they want to make it up to us. Therefore I propose a big Mom's music show at Headliners for all the super-heavy bands. What do you say, Mom's? BTW thanks for listening to an old metalhead and being so courteous and understanding.

The Lighthouse On Story Ave: Charlie the Painter has done a good job in getting shows into the Lighthouse. It's a pretty cool venue with a decent stage. With a few new pieces of P.A equipment and a slap of paint on the walls, I think they could have something cool going there. Call Charlie for a show. He's cool. He'll hook you up.

Steinert's In Indiana: Steinert's bar in Indiana is now having original music on Sunday nights, courtesy of 100.5 the Fox's "Louisville Rocks" radio show. You may want to get out there. I heard it was a pretty cool place. Thanks, Scott and Louie!

I wish Fridays and Saturdays were available, though. Sundays kinda suck, at any bar!



s -A- Comin!
There are three days of Louisville music coming down in July. Korestock, scheduled for July 11, 12 and 13. will be a cool time to check out some regional metal bands.

Here's the schedule. Directions are below.

Friday, July 11 - Execrate, Deadsun (Nashville), Blyss, Surreal, Kallus, Shuv, Gasket and Silent Agony. 3 p.m.

Saturday, July 12 - Silent Station, Scrapegrace, Versyte, StareKase, Bloodshed, Swidden (Chicago), Seclusion, Makeshyft, False, Incursion502, Lust4Hate, Fear Of Silence and Deface. 3 p.m.

Sunday July 13 - The 13th Level, Systematic Anomaly, Maltese Cross and Blind Judgment. 3 p.m.

Directions to Korestock:

Take I-65 South to exit 117 (Shepherdsville/Mt. Washington)

Turn right onto Highway 44. Go exactly 2 miles down Hwy. 44 until you see Dairy Mart on your right. Turn right onto Raymond Road, which is the road right before Dairy Mart. Go to the stop sign and turn left onto Chillicoop. Go straight, not even a mile, until you get to Walls Hollow and turn right. Stay to your left on your way down this road. Less than a mile down...Korestock will be on your right on Mitchell Way. Can't miss it!

502 CD Release And Show Coming Damn, it's festival-rama! Bands everywhere.

August 8 and 9 are going to be two hot days of Louisville music at Expo 5. Be there to celebrate the 502 Compilation CD. Info below.

End Of Me CD On The Way


Brian Fox and the boys have been super busy recording their new CD. It will be available in late July!

Puc CD Is Here: The new CD from Puc is now available. Buy it, mofos.

Doubting The Obvious CD DTB's new CD is going to be out in late summer. The guys have been working hard with Todd Smith, the engineer/producer who worked with Days Of The New.

1080 Calls It Quits: The band 1080 has decided to call it a day.

New Band Alert


Eclectic is the name of a real good acoustic/rock cover/original band that is making a noise here in town recently. They have a great singer songwriter who has an alternative/raggae-ish sound that is pleasing to the ear. They kind of remind me of 311. Their song "So Simple" is great.

Definitely check these guys out, as I know they will do very well in this scene.

New Band Alert: Mourning Star is a new band f musical veterans who are ready to break out onto the scene. Check them out.

Guitarist Needed For Industrial Metal Band


EBM/Industrial/Metal project seeks guitarist in or around the Louisville, Kentucky area. Guitarist should be rock influenced (Metal/Hardcore/Punk/Industrial/Goth).

Prior experience is not necessary. Email Eroxthis.

Look Out, Here Come The Crusty! I have noticed lately that the older rock and metal bands and musicians are taking over the rock scene again. For awhile the young bands were kickin' butt, then there was kind of a drop-off somewhere. And if the demise of Tekworld is imminent, then you younger rockers might want to start securing another all-ages venue for future endeavors.

Upcoming Shows



The 502 Compilation CD release Party/Show. Two Stages!

Friday, August 8 - Five Alive Two Dead, Ketchup Stigmata, East 146, Phrail, Blyss, Silent Q, The Better Of Me, One With Misery, Fear Of Silence, The Exhaustion Method, Kallus and False.

Saturday, August 9 - Execrate, Evil Engine # 9, In The Clear, Puc, Nemesis, Tornacade, Waysted Day, z, My Own Victim, Element H, Hallowtide, Silent Agony, Gasket and Incursion502.

Both days start at 4 p.m.


Friday, July 11 - Magnetic Flux, Antigriffith and Fashion Bomb (Chicago).

The Lighthouse

Saturday, July 26 - The 13th Level, Jefferson County Drunktank, District Down, After The Fall and Month Of Sundaze. 7 p.m.

Lisa's Oak ST Lounge

Saturday, July 12 - Five Alive Two Dead and Mourningstar. 9 p.m.


Wednesday, July 16 - E Town Concrete, Luther, Incursion502 and False.

Saturday, July 19 - Silent Agony.

Friday, July 25 - My Own Victim and Reefer Hut.

Phoenix Hill Tavern

PHT shows start at 9 p.m.

Friday, July 4 - My Own Victim, Beautiful(ex Primer 55 guitarist), False, District Down.

Thursday, July 17 - Indecensy, Farewell To Kings, The Loft and Cadillac.

Friday, August 1 - High Road Crown, Evil Engine # 9, Eclectic, Month Of Sundaze.


Sunday, July 6 - Farewell To Kings, After The Fall and Jet Lawrence. 9 p.m.


Tekworld shows start at 7 - 30 p.m.

Friday, July 4 - The Revenants, Unenlightened, Versyte and Dominion.

Saturday, July 5 - Dog Fashion Disco, Wolfpac, Caustic, Nemesis and Hallowtide.

Friday, July 11 - Outspoken, Spindle, Born Yesterday, Ketchup Stigmata and Silent Q.

Saturday, July 12 - Ants In An Argument, The Sickies, Dead City rejects, Haircuts That Hurt, This Ain't No Disco, Angst and The Spaztics.

Friday, July 18 - Incursion502, Engrind, False, One With Misery and Lust4Hate.

Saturday, July 19 - Beautiful (Frmr Primer 55 Guitarist), MSD, Puc (CD release) and Magnetic Flux.

Saturday, July 26 - Shadows Fall, Sworn Enemy, Grade8, Hotwire and The Revenants.

Props Of The Month

This month's props go out to Mudd from WLRS. Mudd has proved himself a dedicated, fair and well-liked individual in this scene who is open-minded and who is also eager to find new talent. And that, my friends, is rare in the DJ business.

I have found out that of all the local music DJ's I've met, 90% of them are only interested in what they can get out of it. Women, money, attention. Those things are great and all, but a DJ should be into it for the music. (The chicks come after.)

I can think of only two or three other local music DJ's in Louisville in the last decade that have been that fair and unbiased. Thank God we have Mudd, that's all I got to say!

In the past I've noticed that 85% of the Louisville music you hear played on the radio is from the top 5 Louisville acts around. The less popular but no less talented bands get somewhat left out most of the time. I have always hated that unfair crap.

Lately I've noticed that both stations are getting much better at remembering and helping out the less popular bands. But I think the Walrus is pulling ahead in the fairness department, because of Mudd.

Mudd is one of those cats who has the balls to play other music besides the top dogs all the time. So yeah...long live da Muddster!

And long live any DJ who don't nuthug on the bog boys all the time. Well, I'm off to the Las Vegas for a much-needed vacation from you crazy fools.

Be sure to send in all your band info no later than the fifteenth of every month. Or you can email me just to say "what up."