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News From the Pit
By Eddy Metal

Hello all. And welcome to chaos!

What a time we live in. So serious is our situation in this country that it almost makes what's going on in this music scene irrelevant at the moment, knowing within a few weeks a war could erupt. I know that if my band was playing a show and the war started, I would be too worried or concerned to be at my best. And I admit freely that if war really broke out bad, I would probably cancel our show.

I have a lot of friends in this town. So I'm telling you now, get ready and be prepared in the event of a disaster.

God Bless America!

The Metal Grapevine

Eddy gets booted by WLRS: This is a hoot! Everyone knows who reads my that I was recently asked to be on WLRS' Kentucky Fried Radio show and everyone pretty much knows how I've worked very hard to get the information, new CDs, showdates and all the general information I needed to do a good thorough job.

Then, after only two weeks, I was told that I was to be let go because I'm "trouble." I was told several people called in to the executives at WLRS to complain about me. So how is the common listener going to know a certain executive's name? By dismissing me so soon. WLRS has made me look pretty dumb.

But the truth is, the joke is really on them. You see, they fell for the oldest and dirtiest trick in radio history, most likely pulled off by their rival! This is not to insult WLRS at all, I'm just stating the facts.

Their rival's general methods are to try to eliminate the competition so there will be no competition. Having once been apart of that rival station, I and other insiders are familiar with the past history of such actions. They have a long history of messing with WLRS, particularly with the "listener complaint call," pretending to be other people, ordinary listeners and various companies, sometimes threatening the station. Their goal is to get rid of the competition anyway they can.

And the cooperation of Louisville Music News and WLRS was something they definitely did not want. So I'm sorry to everyone who was involved in making the project work and to all the bands and local music fans for all the information they won't be getting. I tried very hard. Some people are just afraid of change and a little healthy competition.

So to the execs at WLRS and to Mudd, a very cool guy who had absolutely nothing to do with my being let go. Sorry it didn't work out, I harbor no hard feelings. To be honest, I really didn't have the extra time anyway. But you did do exactly what your competition wanted, and I have no doubt they are having a good laugh about it.

Outspoken CD Out Now: The wait is over. You can now purchase Outspoken's debut CD, Bitter Shovel, at pretty much any music store, so quit lollygagging and go out and get one.

Flaw Demo Sounding Good: I recently got to check out the new nine-song Flaw demo, which not many folks have heard. It's good, but I kinda got the feeling they are trying to steer away from using too many effects in the guitars. It's more of a raw, crunchy edge than before. The vocals are typical Flaw but work very well with the heavier guitars.

Look for their second full-length release in the late quarter of 2003.

Forced To Change Band Name: Louisville metal veterans Faceplant have been forced to change their name. They are hereafter to be known as Jefferson County Drunktank, a place I'm sure a few of us have been in.

The "502" Gathering 2003: It's a sort of scene `Unity Fair,' according to Scott Cox (guitarist for Factor 9), who is putting it on at Swiss Hall on March 15. The idea is to promote scene unity while having a great show. There will be reduced band merchandise for sale, CDs, tee shirts, stickers, etc, etc, not to mention a night of great music by Element H, Factor 9, Tornacade, Hallowtide, 13th Level, Flatlyne and another band T.B.A. It starts at 6 p.m.

New Band Alert: Andy Paul, ex vocalist for Factor 9 has a new band, INTHECLEAR, which includes former members of Static Divide. Look for them soon!

Upcoming Shows


Saturday March 22 - Jefferson County Drunktank (formerly Faceplant), Shuv, Odesa, Skullcap and Phrail.

Saturday March 29 - Incursion502, Kallus, Odesa, Delta Nine Theory and Engrind.

Phoenix Hill Tavern

The Original Rock Showcase Series. On the first Friday of every Month.

Friday March 7 - The Constant, Puc, Tha Joint, Flatlyne and Noize Bucket.

Friday April 4 - Element H, After The Fall, False, 13th Level and Engrind.

Shows start at 8 p.m.


Saturday March 1 - 40 Below Summer, Element H, E Town Concrete and Unloco.

Friday March 7 - False, V-Mob, Execrate and H8.

Saturday March 8 - Fingertight, Sex Tractor, Indecensy and Apogee.

Friday March 14, Cast From Eden, Harbinger, Engrind, The Redemption Song and Through Bleeding Skies.

Saturday March 15 - "The Fists Of Fury Fest." Odesa, Kallus, Jefferson County Drunktank, Shuv, Lust 4 Hate and Gasket.

Friday March 21 - Revenants and Ants In An Argument.

Saturday March 22 - Incursion502, Nemesis, Doubting The Obvious, Hallowtide and Apogee.

Sunday March 23 - The Kodiaks, The Sickies, The Shanks, Right On Red and Two Minutes Lost.

Friday March 28 - Phrail CD release with Blyss, Tornacade and One With Misery.

Zodiac ( Radcliff)

Zodiac shows generally start at 7 p.m.

Saturday March 1 - Agent Of Evil, The Exhaustion Method, Hung Jury and Puc.

Saturday March 8 - Assisting Sorrow, Legion (Indiana), Odesa and Rusalka.

Saturday March 15 - Sex Tractor, Never, Sara Tonen, Shot Down and Incursion502.

Saturday March 22 - "Filth Fest" featuring the following bands.

Vaporic Xanthate, Gaebelein, Filth Porn, God Help Us, Bonedust and Abominant.

Saturday March 29 - Blue Star Rejects, Green Theory, Transient Frank and National Reject.

Props Of The Month

This months props go out to us.

The hardworking staff here at Louisville Music News And props to the owner Paul Moffett for working so hard for our music scene. You people have no idea how much he sacrifices to do this. Oh, yeah, and for him letting me be myself and tell the truth. LOL. Actually that goes out to all of us here at LMN.

So show some love people! We are here for you.

Well, that does it for me this month, peeps!

Remember to end all your info and showdates to me by the 15th of every month/ I don't want to have to listen to crying and complaining that I'm dissing someone or someone's venue. It's YOUR job to make sure I get your valuable info!

Just drop me a line at Eddymetal1@aol.com.