Flying Dolphin Meets Dr. Hug

Bone Age (Independent)


By David Lilly

If you need a therapist, welcome to the human race. Due to my sensitivity to the songs on this disc that resound with musical hope and reassurance, I included a reference to the late Leo "Dr. Hug" Buscaglia in the head for this review. I was listening to this music and realized I was thinking about him. Really? Yes, really. Which songs? Well, "Come With Me," "Peril Heart," "Eileen," "Breathe and Choke," "The Hunger Remains" and even "For Pity's Sake." Oh, like you never think of any famous psychologists when you become involved in the music you're listening to.

Ryan Dawson, better known in the music press as Thirtysilver, informed me that this disc is entirely his baby. He wrote all the songs and lyrics. He also played all the instruments, did all the recording, engineering, production, mixing, mastering and he probably catered the sessions himself and made the stale donuts and cold coffee. I'm of the opinion that he could get more adventurous with his music. However, there is some really good work here. Dawson writes catchy, noncommercial melodies and is a very talented musician. His voice isn't especially distinctive and on the higher notes he sounds too much like Michael McDonald (I can hear the applause), but some of these songs are pretty memorable, particularly for an audience slightly older than the current Clearasil crowd.

One night at the Highlands' Tap Room I asked a woman next to me (identified as this singer's girlfriend) the name of this guy that was singing and playing guitar. Amidst the inebriated VOLUME of sound in the room, when she said, "Ryan Dawson," at first I mistook it for Flying Dolphin, which you can laugh at all you want at my expense; I encourage it. However, in case you don't believe there is someone living in Jeffersonville, Indiana who rocks, improves with repeated listening and who can write, play and record stuff like this on his own, please contact Mr. Ryan Dawson, a.k.a. Thirtysilver, via and get a copy of this disc. He also has a few back records he'd be happy to sell you.