Lullaby for Liquid Pig (ArtistDirect Records)

Lisa Germano

By David Lilly

The sky cried for hours. She sat looking out the window and hardly smiled all day ... or was it night? It didn't really matter.

That's the overall mood of Lullaby For Liquid Pig, Lisa Germano's sixth full-length CD, in all its splendid sadness. Various strange and ethereal sounds swirl and float in the space around Germano's husky and engaging whisper-singing from start to finish.

Specifically, the sounds of the song "Liquid Pig" seem to come swimming out of the shadows of some very creepy film. I'm not sure what that instrumentation is, but man, is it ever spooky, as well as effective. For my entertainment dollar, that could also go on twice as long as the three minutes it plays. The sort-of-psychedelic carnival sound of "Candy" provides a few of the rare minutes of this disc for moving your bones in celebration of the pervasive weirdness.

Regarding the lyrics, sorry, but I'm going to be caught up in the ambiance of all of this music for a while before I get around to trying to sing along. In the complaint department, most of the songs are too short. On the other hand, I have no idea what's on radio, but the two- to three-minute durations of most of these tunes should make them more susceptible to the airwaves. Is there anything amidst this breathtakingly pretty, melancholic music that's accessible enough to be on radio? When you hear this music, get back to me on that.

I'm not familiar with Germano's previous work, but since my first listen and all listening since, I've decided to get acquainted. What I suggest for the more emotionally stable among you is to get this CD; then get the debut CD from Denali and have yourself a gorgeous gloomfest. Head over to www.lisagermano.com and have a look and listen around.