What would Jesus do? Yawn ...

Let Your Glory Fall (Sparrow Records)

Phillips, Craig and Dean

By Kory Wilcoxson

There are two sides to Contemporary Christian music. There are artists who mimic secular sounds, hoping to infuse popular music with a positive message (i.e., POD, Creed). And then there are groups like Phillips, Craig and Dean who are content to stay rooted in the thoroughly vanilla world of Christian music, churning out albums like Let Your Glory Fall.

For what they are, PC&D are good. They are basically a boy band for Christian boomers, three middle-aged guys who cover ubiquitous worship tunes ("Here I Am to Worship") with an occasional original thrown in ("My Praise" is the best of this bunch). Most of the songs are catchy in a familiar way, but there's nothing here that can't be heard on countless other worship albums.

That's the root of the problem with "Let Your Glory Fall." There's no sense of creativity, nothing new and exciting to hear. PC&D are singing their hearts out on retread songs on which other people have also sung their hearts out. They aren't bad; in fact, the have a sincere delivery and great harmonies. If you can sing and people like you, where's the need to do anything new?