Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: Dave Moody

Age: 9 and a half inches.

Instrument: Bass

Band/Former Bands: Recorded In Dubbly, White Noise, Kajagoogoo, Outrace, Backwoods, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Notorious B.I.G's body guard ( I got fired) and last but not least, my current band, Magnetic Flux.

David Moody

How Long On Instrument: Too damn long!

Equipment: John Deere, Sears Roebuck Amplifiers, Makers Mark whiskey and Martha Stewart Living stock tips. Seriously though. Gallien-Krueger amplification and Ibanez basses.

Influences: Kiss, Sex Pistols, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, AC/DC, Van Halen, Two Pump Chump, Frank Sinatra, anything by Roger Miller, Tenacious D, The Ramones and the Toy Tiger.

Hobbies: Killing hitchhikers, breastfeeding, going to A.A meetings to stop the quitters, watching midget porno and Sunday school.

Favorite Movies: Jaws 3-D, The Big Lebowski, Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Opera and anything with Ralph Machio.

Favorite Food: White Castle at 4 A.M in the morning, # 3 at Taco Bell, Waffle House, Healthy Choice® meals and the free Little Debby® snack cakes that you get at the plasma bank.

Favorite Place: Your mom's house! (duh!)

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: Two Pump Chump, Nashville Pussy, Beautiful Creatures, Kiss, Johnny Cash and Billy Graham's self-motivation kits.

Coolest Thing I've Done: I was invited to R. Kelly's Girl Scout meetings...and I went.

Most Embarrassing Moment: I was doing a show back in the day and my guitar player did a guitar solo with a drill. When he finished he handed me the drill and I took it and acted like I was doing s*t with it. I had gotten it a little to close to my head and, zip! It went all the way against my head and me being soooo smart...I put it in reverse and, zip! Needless to say I don't like power tools any more.

(Eddy: Dude. I hope the head you are referring to is the one on your neck! Owww! lol)