Rock-n-Roll (Catch 5 Records)
Magnetic Flux

By David Lilly

If you've had more than enough bad news and stress lately, plug in Magnetic Flux and let them be the catalyst to your relief. That is, if 30 minutes of mostly wall-battering rock `n' roll helps open the clogged areas in your brain.

The opening title song is chiseled from a mono AM sound, which evokes early Seventies Alice Cooper on transistor radio. That is a compliment -- and it also might not be what you're used to hearing, but it's fun. The low point of the disc isn't really a low point, but a breather. During my first listen to the ballad, "Lie to Me," my mind conjured an image of Cinderella's Tom Keifer playing a piano ballad and singing. That image disappeared after the first time. "Lie to Me" is a nice ballad and it provides a three-and-a-half minute breather from the solidarity of the rock that makes up the rest of this album.

Speaking of that rock, the title of the song, "Wasted," may suggest ingesting too many drugs or too much alcohol, but upon hearing no mention of substances, it could well be about a rock band working - yes, working - itself to exhaustion. For you Led Zep fans, "Skin" seems to borrow just a touch of the guitar riff from "The Immigrant Song." Could be my imagination, although there's nothing wrong with using your influences in your own way.

I could be mistaken (but I hope I'm right), but this album sounds to me like Magnetic Flux's launching pad to widespread recognition. There are at least two songwriters in the band and these guys rock like a jagged cliff. Anyone that likes dirty, gritty rock 'n' roll ought to buy this album and see the band play live. Meanwhile and thereafter, keep up with Magnetic Flux at <