The Right Track

High Output (Independent)

High Output

By David Lilly

The worst thing about High Output's debut disc is a good thing. If that sounds like a backhanded compliment, so be it. The overall sound/production reminds me of early '70s Black Sabbath or Grand Funk records; kind of a flat rock. In spite of the fact that Jason Webster's outstanding guitar work could stand more prominence in the mix, this disc is thirty-six minutes of good, solid rock music.

"Sweet Song" is a bouncy rocker; great for half-speed pogo dancing. Heck, you could use an actual pogo stick to bounce on and you might be right in time with this song. Amidst the pretty straight-ahead hard rock songs that make up most of this CD, "Take Me There" and "Today's Tomorrow" are conspicuous as emotional ballads. Singer Kyle Bixler doesn't soften his harsh voice, but he is effectively emotional on, shall we call it, the `softer' side (on which you could not exactly lie your head) of High Output. "Today's Tomorrow" is followed by some real muscle; the raucous blues boogey of "F.U." could have found a home on a Foghat album. One thing all of these songs have in common, I'm willing to bet, is girls in tight jeans dancing at High Output shows.

This CD might not be among the top five CDs released in 2003 by Louisville acts, but you can spend your money on far worse stuff, such as almost anything you hear on commercial radio. High Output is on the right track. Visit them at

, buy their CD and let them know what you think at