The Most Asked Music Business Questions

Performers have emailed me, called me and stopped me on the street with a lot of legitimate questions. I've picked those that get asked the most to answer in this issue.

Q: What do I need to do to make it in the rap game in Louisville?

K. Wallace , Louisville

A: First, there has to be true talent, then you have to practice, practice and practice. Make sure that you have a good producer to create tracks for you. The beat and the lyrics are most important to the success of your single that, hopefully, you will release. Networking within your industry with such organizations as, Louisville Musicians Industry Alliance (LMIA) can teach you legal aspects, marketing, promotions and give you the chance to showcase your talents. Also, radio can be a benefit to promoting and selling yourself to the consumer. By making sure you have developed a buzz in the community, you can then say you've made it here in the `Ville.

Q: How can I get my song played on the radio?

T. Brown, Louisville

A: Make sure you have a professional package together, known as a media/press kit. Your kit should include the following: a 8x10 glossy photograph, a demo CD of your music with three to four of your best songs of high studio quality, a brief bio about yourself (typed), a fact sheet (show dates, tour schedule) and any articles that have been written. Send the kit first class to the Program Director of the station you chose. Give the PD at least two to three weeks before following up via email or phone.

Q: Princess K, I need two additional members to complete my band. What procedure do I use to obtain these members?

Chad, Louisville

A: There are many places to post ads for free on the Internet and in industry newspapers such as Louisville Music News or by making up flyers to post at area music stores. A search for "free musicians ads" on Google yielded 280,000 hits, so give that a try.

Q: How can I get in touch with A&R reps from major record labels.


A: You could call each label and ask for the A&R department or a much easier method is to go online and order various publications or software that gives specific names, numbers and addresses.

Q: Princess K, I want to perform outside of Louisville. Who would I talk to?

Dino, Louisville

A: Make a list of the cities you would like to target, then call the local radio stations to get a listing of promoters. You can also log onto to look up area nightclubs. Make sure to send a professional kit.

Q: What books can I read to learn how to promote and market my music better?


A: Some of my favorites that I keep in my library are; The Indie Bible by Bigmeteor Publishing, This Business of Music Marketing and Promotions by Tad Lathrop and Jim Pettigrew. Also, The Self-Promoting Musician by Peter Spellman. Actually reading these will help. Good luck.

Q: When starting out, should we do gigs for free?

Freeda, Louisville

A: Absolutely! This is one way of putting your name out and developing a fan base.

Q: Princess K, how do you feel about paying to play at concerts to events?


A: As a publicist, I don't agree with it unless it's to help pay for expenses of putting a show on or the artist/group will have the opportunity to promote and sell CD's to recoup their money.

Q: What ever happened to Underground Mafia?

K. T. Louisville

A: I've been asked this a lot. Watch for next month's issue, when I will give you the story.

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