The Indestructible Gubbey Records Sampler CD Vol. II (Gubbey Records)
Various Artists

By Kory Wilcoxson

Gubbey Records is determined to make Louisville music matter again. Founded in 1993 by Dave Rucinski, the label has witnessed the local music scene's wax and wane over the past decade. With this second sampler, Rucinski is doing his part to showcase the diversity of local offerings.

The sampler is noteworthy for the range of styles represented. Listeners are treated to everything from the "locomotive sex rock" of Furlong (the website's description is better than anything I could come up with) to the P-funk vibe of Funkus' "Sexual Investigators" to The Chocobots' "Days Like This," which calls to mind early Elvis Costello.

Another standout on the disc include the almost indescribable "I'm Gonna Grout Your Bifka," a collection of obscure and witty TV samples played out over what sounds like a perverted version of Disneyworld's "Electric Light Parade" theme. The song is credited to Mr. Samples, who is actually label founder Rucinski.

The sampler is worth picking up at a local store to hear proof of a pulse in the local music scene. For more information, visit the label's website at