Kudos to the Country Gentleman _

Dear Mr. Bryant: I must say that I don't know when I have enjoyed reading a more creative, informative, knowledgeable, perceptive, and downright correct article about Bluegrass. Your article in Bluegrass Beat, March 2004, hits the nail on the Ole Bluegrass Head. Not since the days of the old 3-string bass washtub has anyone written a bluegrass article with a more resounding truth than you did in this article. My family and I especially enjoyed the part of your article about the February 14 Homefront Radio Show. Your insight and grasp of the talents of 17-year-old Krystal Miller brought a tear to my father's eye _ the good one. My Mom is still in the bathroom wasting that expensive Charmin on those hillbilly tears. I'm through joking now. Mr. Bryant, I do want you to know that I greatly appreciate the kind words that you had to say about my meager attempt at entertaining. I love the Lord, the music, and the audience. I only hope that this love will always come shining through when I am on stage. We ran into your article while surfing the Internet. I must say that your words are very encouraging and inspiring. I only hope that I am and will remain deserving of your praise. We really had a great time doing the Homefront Radio Show. Everyone was great. I really enjoyed meeting Mr. Gage and all the folks that work so hard to make the Kentucky Homefront Radio Show what it is, and to me and my family it is GREAT! It's been a dream come true for me to have the opportunity to work with Steve Rector and the Kentucky Arts Council in learning the Thumb Style of picking the guitar. Steve and his wife have become very dear friends since we started working together. I feel very fortunate to be having the chance to work with Steve. Over the past few years I have learned that Bluegrass and Folk Artists are the most down-to-earth and anchored people that you will ever meet. A few years ago I had the opportunity to perform in the Dale Ann Bradley and Coon Creek Bluegrass Festival in Berea, Ky. About a year later I was performing at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. Dale Ann Bradley and Vickie Simmons were also singing there. Dale Ann invited me up during their part of the program and I got to sing and play with her and Vickie. Let me tell you Mr. Bryant, I was in Bluegrass Heaven. Then a few years later we met Dean Osborne and his band. He invited me to be on his Red Barn Show up in Renfro Valley. Wow, to get to go out on stage with Dean and his band behind you is awesome. I will always remember those guys as the Gentlemen of Bluegrass. I love them all. Another great experience that I will never forget was getting to be a regular on the Renfro Valley Young Country Show for two summers. It was something for me to stand on the stage and entertain where most of the great Bluegrass and Country Legends have once stood. A few years ago we decided that it was about time for me to make a gospel album. I had written several gospel songs at that time and we just felt that the Lord wanted us to do it. Bob Saxton, a thumb picker from Nashville, came up and did the thumbpicking for me. The Country Rhoads also came up and did the background vocals for me. We did the album here in Muhlenberg County and we made it with friends that we had made over the years. Marge & Debby (The Country Rhoads) really liked the way I did the Martha Carson song "Satisfied." They got my copy of the song to Martha and she love it too. She called us up and endorsed my album and my style of singing and wrote a note on my tray liner. She invited me to be in two of her shows that summer. She even adopted me one night on stage at Paradise Park. I really, really, really, love that lady and what she has accomplished in the music world. What a pioneer. I have had some great opportunities over the past several years sharing my talents with the folks. I got to perform at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas, with Moon Mullens. I have been the guest at Silver Dollar City for two summers singing Folk songs on the Ole Front Porch. Last year I was named one of the Top Five Youth in Christian Music by the Country Christian Music Association. I got to go to the Ryman Auditorium and present the Male Vocalist of the Year award with Derek Mason of the Tenn. Titans in November last year. Six of my videos played on the Gospel Music Television Network over Sky Angle last year. I had been chosen as one of 40 Country Christian Artists to appear on the World Premiere Country Christian Gospel Music Television Program. Lord, sometimes I reckon that I've sung in every corn field, pasture, and barn between my house and anywhere that I've ever been. I said all of that to say this: The Lord has really been blessing me and my Bluegrass-Gospel Ministry. I am a Bluegrass-Gospel Singer with the mission to bring the joy of Jesus and the good ole "Kuntry Style of Playing and Singing" everywhere I go. Thanks again for saying all them there nice things about me Mr. Bryant. If there is ever anything that we can do for you, just let us know. _Krystal Miller