Of Music and Vision

Polaris (Basketface Productions)

By David Lilly

Okay, so you've never heard the name, Neil Young and the terms, cult/B-movies, in the same sentence. Now you have. Southern Indiana-based writer/singer/bassist Steve Davis may not be in Young's league as lyricist or singer, but even Young-philes could hear a vocal resemblance between the two. Ideally, you would be able to visit www.bmoviecentral.com

or Wild and Woolly and find the music of Polaris on numerous movie soundtracks. Of course that is a compliment and is why I'm recommending this CD.

"Bringing My Love on Home" may or may not be cult/B-movie material, but it is really good music for partying, bike-riding or driving; as is the dark "Magic Hat Act." The instrumental "Eclipse" leaves nothing obscured but provides for the ears a gorgeous spring or fall afternoon, or perhaps a heavy snowfall in the middle of winter. "Eclipse" is also easy to envision as the main theme of a film that cult/B-movie addicts would know and love. Hopefully, somewhere down the path of time, someone responsible for a soundtrack would fit the catchy, contemplative and road-worthy "The Next Song" into a celluloid driving scene - perhaps a radio song in a vehicle on some open highway. You might do well to add "Riff Raff" to your personal CD of Halloween songs. Basically a shadowy tune for a foggy night, it features the sounds of creepy, atmospheric whistling. Do you have a pet flying monkey? "Over the Rainbow" is not a cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Take that as either warning or encouragement, but nurture that monkey.

This CD can also leave a person wondering what the songs would sound like played live. To find out about that, check the LMN calendar or contact Davis at lobster@sioln.com for more info. The CD is available at Polaris gigs, various local record stores, and Barnes & Noble.