Kimberly Cecil

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Is it the Bling or the Ching?

What makes us become Superstars?

By Kimberly Cecil

Once upon a time I wanted to be a rap star. I wanted to sport ice, designer gear and perform in front of thousands. I wanted to have my face on the cover of magazines and be on the David Letterman show talking about my latest project. My dreams were shattered when I realized that I just didn't have talent or the skills to carry it even halfway off.

Television, movies and the whole media thing makes us want to have the MTV crib homes, we want to be asked `How I'm livin' and maybe be recognized and desired from everyone. Do you want to be a household name? Let's investigate the issue further.

The average musician with great talent will never make it unless there are certain personality traits available to him/her. Are you aggressive; what are you willing to sacrifice? What are you willing to let go? Fame and money must be a driving force in your life. The ability to become a pest, badgering A&Rs, calling consistently to booking agents, networking every day and staying on the internet will just become second nature to you. Totally changing your lifestyle, image, friends and geographical location are just a few things that superstars have done to make it big. Money, is the key factor in this business. You have to have some and lots of it if superstardom is your goal. Travel expenses, pressing of CDs, studio time, press kits, cell phones and outfits are a must. The potential superstar's goal is to give the illusion of superstar status and the Grammy-nominated potential in the industry. Limo service, the most expensive champagne and lots of groupies around can up the stakes for you.

Hangin; out with influential and prominent industry people can give the appearance that you are someone to know and buy a CD from. People will think that you are next Ludicrous or Usher. Wearing the latest gear as seen in Source or XXL or wearing platinum with diamonds will tell the world you have arrived, never mind it's a knock-off and the diamonds are cubic zirconium. By simple observation in this business of hip-hop, many have noticed that it's 90% image and 10% talent.

Many in the Louisville area are on their way to the top but still need help with marketing and imagery. When your song starts getting rotation on the radio and you can pull a crowd to a concert, then we can honestly say, you are on your way to becoming a superstar. In the hip-hop industry it's all about who can bling bling or cha ching the best. When your funds are low, become educated in the market, create a team of like-minded individuals and devise a strategy of cause and effect. Network out of town, become knowledgeable about the newest craze or rave going on with hip-hop.

Some hip-hop artists that I know stay out of town visiting Atlanta, New York, Dallas and LA would be CWK of Qyiet Cat Productions, KD of Bluegrass Entertainment, Hurricane of Too Big Click, Huggie, G-Mack and Dirty 38. Each one of these groups continues to put the `Ville on the map. They never forget their roots and the fans that support them.

Are you still interested in becoming a superstar? Hard work to front and fake all the time but, well worth the effort. Email me for more information or ask a question:

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