Photo of Jacki-O Poe Little Rich Girl
Jacki-O Poe Little Rich Girl

The Odor of Pretense

Poe Little Rich Girl (TVT Records)

By Kory Wilcoxson

If sex sells, then Jacki-O just went double-platinum. The Miami rapper and former phone-sex operator uses all the tricks of her former trade to both intrigue and offend as she aggressively assert her feminine power and takes her place among her male counterparts.

Three of the songs on Rich Girl deal explicitly with Jacki-O's nether regions. On "Pussy (Real Good)," she raps affectionately that "She's my best friend, she keeps it real/I love my pussy, pussy pay my bills." Jacki-O spouts the virtues of her hoo-hoo dilly like apprentices recite their resumes.

Jacki-O effectively paints a caricature of a gangsta bitch (which is also the title of a song on the CD), an image that works for her on songs like "Ms. Jacki" and "Living It Up." But when she gets vulnerable on "Pretty" and "Ghetto World," she completely undermines the image she works so hard to create early on the album.

Most of the time you don't know whether to laugh at Jacki-O or just feel sorry for her. She revels in being called a "ho" and brags about out-sexing any man who dares unzip his fly. By playing that card one too many times on Rich Girl, Jacki-O does a disservice to her own ear-catching rapping abilities. Jacki-O has a lot to offer and it's not all between her legs. For once, this sex doesn't sell. It just smells.