Pop Parade

Sunshine Saved My Life EP (Independent)
The Merediths

By John Bohannon

Whatever happened to kids getting together and playing quality pop melodies? How many bands today actually recreate their influences within the context of their music? Louisville's own The Merediths (named after lead singer's last name of Meredith) have created a sound that relies on and delivers heavy influences while throwing their own mix into things. These guys have combined from local acts such as Ten to Midnight, Audio Video Club and the Lynnwoods to create a melodic four-man masterpiece. They have been touring around town and gathering street cred, playing shows at the Rudyard and Uncle Pleasants.

With their most recent EP, Sunshine Saved My Life, the Merediths recorded a 3-track pop burlesque. This reveals a short, but sweet introduction to the sound the band has been working hard to achieve. With the opening song "Marmalade Maggie," you catch a blended mix of Beatlesque melody and a vocal intertwine of the Vines and the Anniversary. Leading in to the second track "Cruel Kind of Love," the riff that comes to mind is from that catchy Marcy's Playground tune "Sex and Candy." This may sound like a bad thing, but about 10 seconds in, the song fades into a nuance of Modest Mouse-like vocals and a dancing guitar parade. On the third and final track, "Homo Erectus," sessionist Marc Noderer provides cello work that ups the ante for the Merediths. With acoustic surroundings and the downbeat vocals reminiscent of indie rockers Built to Spill, the boys pull off a ballad that could be a heartthrob for the indie kids.

With a growing fan base and a song library nearing enough for two LPs, these guys seem to have their priorities set. When musicians have been playing around the scene for as long as these guys have, their passion level must be on full force and with the Merediths, it's evident those emotions are here for the long haul.