Typically Travis

Strong Enough

Travis Tritt

By Rob Greenwell

Travis Tritt has long been known as one of the best artists in country music; his soulful voice can either get you feet dancin' or it can cut you in half with the passion and power of his ballads. If you don't believe that statement here is proof, "Put Some Drive In Your Country" and "Anymore," respectively. Tritt ran into some trouble over the last couple of years at his Warner Brothers label because, while he was putting out great music, he just wasn't getting the backing that he deserved. That changed when he arrived at Columbia Records and released his first comeback album, Down The Road I Go, which spawned four smash hits: "Best Of Intentions," "Love Of A Woman," "It's A Great Day To Be Alive" and "Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde." The tradition of Travis Tritt continues on his 2nd release from the Columbia label, Strong Enough.

This project will build on the momentum of Down The Road I Go. "Strong Enough" is the both title of the album and of the first single, which is your typical bone-cutting, soul-searching ballad that Travis typically puts out. This is a typical Travis album from front to back, but you can also tell that over the years Travis has matured and become more comfortable with his life, especially now that he is married with a kid. This maturity is evident in the nine of twelve cuts that he has writing credits on. While he has seemed to mellow with the new family life and new wisdom, don't think for a second that this album doesn't have a little bit of that Travis Tritt Georgia redneck side that is definitely noticeable in the songs "You Can't Count Me Out Yet," a song that says `just because I left, it doesn't mean that I am gone for good.' The other song that stands out in the redneck department is the rockin' dance tune "Time To Get Crazy." If this song doesn't have the same success that "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" has, I will be very surprised.

As you can see, the first time that you count Travis Tritt out, he seems to enjoy proving you wrong just as he proved the folks over at Warner Brothers wrong. He is now comfortable with his life, his career and his record label. That leaves him nothing to do but create the great songs that his fans are accustomed to, just like this album. This can be nothing but great news for country music.