Eddie Metal
News From the Pit
By Eddy Metal

It was as if I were a bee and the honeycomb was calling. Like everyone else in town, I was sick with the flu but I just had to attend the Attitude Fest concert at Headliners. It was somewhat of a freak gathering, I guess you could say.

This well - organized show was put on by Black Frank and Julie of 100.5 the Fox's "Attitude Network," a radio show of nothing but the brutal stuff. This was a good thing for the scene, the real metal bands and fans sticking together and supporting the metal/hardcore cause, because (let's face it) the lighter Louisville music gets all the exposure; always has, likely always will.

They billed it as the heaviest, most intense original show in Louisville ever and I pretty much agree with them, because it was slammin'. It even matched the Unsigned Xtreme shows I used to put on at the Toy Tiger and that is saying a lot.

I was only able to attend day two, but I saw enough to give credit where credit is due. I arrived early to see Engrind break in their new vocalist, who did a good job I might add and with perfect timing. A couple of people bitched about T.J, the old vocalist, not being there, but hey, get over it, Donnie did great and learned the songs fast.

Kallus then f**ked it up! These guys got the heavy hooks from hell.

False also kicked some major rump, especially for not having a practice place for awhile. Good job, guys! The new less - makeup wearing MSD had the place rockin' and I finally got to hear some of the new stuff live. Sounded good, sweet new guitars too!

About that time exhaustion and the flu was taking it's toll on me so I had to head home, unfortunately missing metal monsters Jefferson County Drunktank, Incursion502 and Maltese Cross. Of the bands I saw, I have to say I enjoyed Kallus the best. I am still at a loss as to how Cliff Whitehead keeps his waist - length `dreads off his guitar strings. lol. The sound was exceptional and everyone got along, which is why I say that Louisville's metal scene is really a bunch of laid - back mofo's, mostly.

I finally met Mike Pollard, the new owner of Headliners and he's a real cool dude, so I think metal is here to stay at Headliners on a regular basis. So nobody mess it up, ok?

I did hear day one wasn't as successful, but I'm sure it was a good show anyway.

I wanted to see My Own Victim, Beautiful, Flatlyne and Nemesis, but I had prior obligations. Some people tend to complain about marathon shows (shows with more than four bands) but I think they are kickass and pull more people in the scene together.

Yeah, the bands have to shorten their sets and hurry a little, but overall I think it's worth it in the long run. More people, more fun, more alcohol sold, everybody wins.

The Metal Grapevine

Factor 9 Is Back: It's official, Factor 9 is reborn unto thee. With new members Doug Ferguson (ex - 1080) on guitar and vocalist Drew Davis (ex-Tornacade) in the band now, the guys will be playing out in early February. February 6 at the Phoenix Hill is one of those dates.

Flaw's New Drummer: After a lengthy search Flaw's official new drummer is, Micah Havertape, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All I know is, he has to be a bad mofo to replace Chris Ballinger on skins.

Primer/Flaw Merger: Jay Daunt (ex - Flaw guitarist ) has rejoined Beautiful (ex - Primer founder Bobby Burns' new band ) and are back in business. Look for them in early February.

Silent Q's New CD: The CD entitled "Everyday Circus" will be available in mid - January. I have heard it and it is very good, lots of musical ability, great vocals and excellent time changes. Buy it or get pummeled.

We Are Getting Your Pics: We have been receiving your pictures of "live" bands in action and can see it will be a very popular addition. (I wonder how long it will take for some other publication to steal this idea, lol )

This is our way of letting you know that you can be involved too. Like taking pics? We are telling you to go to town! Take a pic of some dude gettin' ugly in the face playing a guitar solo, or a drummer picking his nose, a bassist tangled in cords or a vocalist flying through the air, we don't care. We do have one important request though, please include the name of the band, the persons mainly in the photo, venue and who you are so we can give YOU the credit. Log on to Louisvillemusicnews.com to see Louisville Rock Pics and all kinds of other sh*t. Email the pics you take to editor@louisvillemusic.net, with ALL the info I specified.

Vocalist Needed: The band Waysted Dayz has parted ways with their singer and is now looking for a replacement. Interested people contact 812 - 366 - 3584.

13th level In Change: The 13th Level has parted ways with vocalist Billy Burton. I may be taking over vocal duties myself (not confirmed yet ) .

I miss singing badly (something a lot of people don't even know I did, for six years ) and jamming three times a week. There is a guitar position available, too. Applicants must be very reliable and have pro gear. Contact eddymetal1@aol.com.

For All The Wrong Reasons: I have noticed that some of the new crop of people supporting the scene are doing what they are doing mainly to get the bands they manage, promote or know well, exposure. This is something that needs to be stopped, because that is just plain BS. I could have done this for years, but my conscience would never let me. As a promoter and writer I believe it's not about how many of your friends you can get on one bill, it's about who deserves the gig and is next in line for a decent show. Some people just don't care that they are being unfair and biased. To only hook up your buddies or bands you promote is beyond low.

District Down Seeks Bassist: Interested people contact Troy at 727 - 3745.

Dead City Rejects CD: Better Days Records at Bardstown Road and Bonniecastle now carries DCR CDs , so stop by and pick up some punk rock madness.

New Band Alert: Violenz is a new band from the state's capitol, Frankfort. Influenced by Korn and Disturbed, they mean to kick some ass in Louisville soon. Unfortunately, I just missed them at the Attitudefest, but I heard they jammed.

Upcoming Shows

Pappy 's

Saturday, January 24 Assisting Sorrow

Saturday, Febuary 7 Assisting Sorrow

Phoenix Hill Tavern

The Original Rock Showcase, on the first Fridays of every month.

Friday, January 2 Flatlyne, Silent Q, Voodoomachine and Never.

Friday, February 6 The return of Factor 9, Garden Of Stone, District Down and Noise Bucket.

Uncle Pleasants

Friday, January 16 LouMusNews Night with Noise Bucket, Garden Of stone, Otium, and Phearus.

Saturday, January 17 LouMusNews Night with District Down., Evil Engine # 9 and SevendaySunday

Friday, January 23 Silent Q CD release with InTheClear.

Outtatownerz and Others

Friday, January 23 at the Sun Valley Community Center: Dog Fashion Disco, Flatlyne, MSD, East 146, Spil and Forsythe. For info email kentuckytalentbuyer@yahoo.com.

Props of the Month

This month's props go out to Headliners Music Hall and Mike Pollard, the new owner, a nice guy who isn't afraid to book the heavier music too. Thank you for getting rid of the wicked witch of the west. You have done yourself and the music scene a great favor by doing so. Now there will be much more variety and good business achieved at Headliners.