Emerging "Ville" Artists

By Kimberly Cecil

Louisville music has the game on lock. I know that hip-hop seems to be the flavor of the year and it is, with artists on the grind doing their thing nationally and locally. Groups to watch out for would be CWK, The Empire and KD. I will explain what makes them special enough to put in this issue of Louisville Music News.

CWK, managed by the well-known Production Company, Qyiet Cat Productions, is getting major radio rotation around the country and performing live with some of the biggest names in the industry. CWK's debut album, Cuz We Kin, has reached the top of the charts on the East Coast and is making its way to the Southeast coast.

Entering the entertainment industry from the East Coast was a move most valued to CWK by record sales and acceptance in a geographical area known to only take care of their own. How could these Midwest boyz do this? Qyiet Cat's Director of Promotions, Tim Wright, told me, the CWK motto "Pursue it, you might just make it." Apparently these are definite words to live by. Wanting to make it outside the home comfort zone of Louisville Kentucky, these brothers, Suave and C Wright, decided that they had the talent to expand into new territory. Working with such major label, platinum artist as Chingy; Ying Yang Twins; Case; Jagged Edge and Juvenile has assisted the group move to a much higher platform. With all the negative things happening in the world, CWK has extended their fan base with the #1 single, "Lord Knows." This single is truthful, soulful and still hip-hop. Keep your eyes open for future superstar status for these guys.

Next on the agenda is THE EMPIRE, a very different hip-hop group with a mission in mind. With the four members of the group, Rush Iz-Real, N-Tense, Dredzilla and Monique Retter, this quartet is political, hard, giving and tells it like it is. THE EMPIRE is the new KRS-1 of the 21st century. Their style is contagious and hard to turn off. The CEO of THE EMPIRE, Isreal Shabazz, stated that they are here to give the people what they want. The beats are hot and are sure to get the party started right. I must not be the only one who thinks so, because THE EMPIRE has won several awards. In 1996, they won the Jam-Fest talent showcase and were finalists in the major label, Polygram Records performing auditions. One of their most requested songs was chosen to be the title track for the motion picture movie, "Breaking and Entering." This was a victorious win from the selection of over 600 songs that were submitted. Since 1995, this group has been puttin' down and still hangin'. Don't sleep on this one, living large is definitely on the horizons for THE EMPIRE.

KD from the Ville would have to be the most thugged-out, southern-crunked rapper for this issue. At the age of 26, KD is the co-owner, producer and head writer of Bluegrass Entertainment, since 1999 a dream that has been lived. From collaborating on a # 1 song with Juvenile that is now the most requested song on Louisville's WGZB, B96.5FM to constant travels to the ATL to refine his craft, plus opening up for such artists as Eightball & MJG, Juvenile, Big Tymers and Freeway KD's persistence has opened many closed doors. His business mindedness and knowledge of the industry will continue to aid KD in his quest for bragging rights to be the King of the Bluegrass.

A new television show, "Totally Live TV," will be coming soon to a station near you, with some of the hottest hosts from the metropolitan area. Combining interviews, live performances and major-label artists to get their point across to the audience about what `Ville talent is all about, this show is our very own TRL. As it gets closer to a debut I will keep you informed.

Remember, Sony Urban is coming to Louisville on July 31- August 1, 2004 at Yuri's Bistro. If you haven't submitted your music yet, email me: PrincessK@louisvillemusic.net for more information. This could be your chance of a lifetime to get a major label deal.