Louisville Likes it Loud

The House That Lords Built (Initial Records)

By Kory Wilcoxson

Song titles like "Sermon on the Mount" and "The Great White Light" may lead one to believe that the Louisville quartet Lords is singing praises to a higher power. But the only power being worshiped by this unholy choir comes from their musical making.

The anger and angst on "House" are palpable, as the vocals become another screaming instrument alongside the frenetic guitars and pulse-pounding drums. Lords bum-rush the pulpit to deliver a scathing critique on religion, but that message is subservient to the demonic sound.

Most of the one-and-a-half-minute songs on "House" run together, creating a densely packed diatribe that is both seamless and ragged. The last track contains the entire album played backward (if you listen closely, I think you can hear Amy Grant).

But the aggression and intensity exhibited here are a staple of Initial Records, as well as Louisville's hardcore scene as a whole. Sounds to me like the hardcore is still healthy here at home.