Not Shockingly, One of Toby's Best

Shock'n Y'all (Dreamworks)
Toby Keith

By Rob Greenwell

Toby Keith doesn't care what I think or any other critic thinks about his music. His disdain even goes as far as a song on this album making fun of critics. He only cares what his fans think of him and by all indications, his fans absolutely love him. They love him not only for his soft and tender side, but also for his attack on the "PC" police (see "Taliban Song" if you don't believe me).

See, if you don't know anything about Toby, it ain't really hard to explain. He's a big ol' boy, who grew up in the oilfields of Oklahoma. He tells it like he sees it, doesn't care much about the "Music Row establishment," and when it comes to his music, he just puts it out there and says, "If you like it, please buy it; if ya don't, get on down the road." It's this attitude that has legions of fans lining up to see his shows and buy his records. Oh, and one more thing: You see, Toby's weird - he actually writes his own material, which is still a rarity in the country music business.

This record is no exception and it will definitely have millions of fans buying them up. Shock'n Y'All is a pure Toby album from the word go. "I Love This Bar" gives testament to the favor watering hole that you love. There are rockin' songs like "Whiskey Girl" and there are tender ballads, like his salute to our troops in "American Solider."

I would be remiss if I did not mention his anti -"PC" songs, "The Taliban Song" and "Weed With Willie." They are great acoustic songs that just tell it like it is; you almost have to buy the album just for those two songs. (If you are asking, "Is `Weed' song about what I think it's about," the answer is, Yes, it most certainly is.)

Anyway, this may be one of the best albums of the year and definitely one of Toby's best. Go buy this album - you will be impressed.