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By Eddy Metal


Just thinking about it really makes me mad! In the last five months, I have dealt with some serious BS, BS in the form of some egomaniac mofos. The bands in this town have gone off the deep end and have become somewhat delusional in their quest for stardom. I am not speaking about all the bands, just a select few who need to quit being stuck-up a-holes. I will enlighten you with an example or two.

1. I put on a show at which two of the bands showed up over an hour late and to top that off they then demanded to play at specific times, or they wouldn't play. These were even relatively new bands.

Needless to say, I was pretty PO'ed by the lack of appreciation and bad attitudes these people had. I realize every band wants a good spot, but sometimes you got to go with the flow. I don't want to have to deal with this crap whilst I am trying to keep a show on schedule. So now, because of the rapidly growing number of whiny individuals who have to have their way, I will now incorporate a new rule into the shows I put on. I pick the spots based on popularity and draw. A `take it or leave it' policy! Otherwise, every band will start demanding time spots at every damn show. And hommie don't play dat.

2. I have helped many bands out and it seems that every one that goes on to do well becomes a bunch of stuck-up nimrods who think the world revolves around them. I guess they figure my shows were a stepping stone to much better things. Sometimes this is true, sometimes they merely think it is true. lol.

I don't mind helping obscure bands getting noticed. There is a satisfaction in it. What gets me is the egos some of these people get after they have a couple of good turnouts. Yeah, you may be doing well now, dude. But I remember who came to whom in the beginning, begging for a show!

I'm not asking for a fargin medal here, I just think a band should "appreciate people who help you in the beginning." [The standard expression in the business is this: the folks you meet on the way up are the same ones you'll meet on the way down and the paybacks are hell. - Ed.]

FLAW is f***ing touring the world and they are still pretty much the same guys, yet unproven local favorites who haven't done a damn thing out of town treat people like they are below them. What the hell is that? lol.

See what I have been having to deal with lately? Promoting shows isn't all fun and games like some of you think. I have young kids emailing me asking how to do what I do and I tell them don't do it, that it's a pain. I tell them to go to school to be a doctor or something. What keeps me going is every now and then you run into a really cool, appreciative band of good people who are easygoing and just want to have fun and jam out! Bands like District Down, Month Of Sundaze, Violenza, Garden Of Stone, Doubting The Obvious, 7Daysun and Phearus are perfect examples. They are courteous, punctual and appreciative. If more bands were like these, maybe there wouldn't be as much fighting, or backstabbing in the scene.

The Metal Grapevine

Flaw Kickin Booty! I am happy to report that Flaw's new CD Endangered Species is kicking some serious booty, from what manager Scott Frazier tells me. Congrats and good luck to them on their upcoming tour.

The Singers' Disease: Before I begin my rant. I want you all to know I am not singling out anyone in this scene. But what in the holy hell is up with singers nowadays? As a musician, I find that they have become impossible to work with. I, for one, know all about this, having gone through three singers in five years. Singers nowadays are disloyal, lazy, selfish, unreliable and downright rude. This is one of the reasons I thought about singing again myself, so I wouldn't have to deal with losing a vocalist every other year. lol. They don't show for practice half the time. They leave the band hanging right before a studio session or CD release and then expect everything to be paid for them: T-shirts, CDs, artwork, etc. I have even heard tales of a band spending $4000 on recording only to have the singer quit before it was even done.

I don't know about you folks, but I'd be ready to cap that mofo!

As a former singer, I remember the days when singers worked their asses off to get exposure. I know I did. Now with all the talented singers it's all "gimmie, gimmie, gimmie." They have no loyalty to their friends and no intentions of putting the work in that would be necessary to achieve success. Sad.

Hardrock Café: Will There Be Metal? A valid question coming from a person who knows how it is. Yeah, I'm sure the more popular local commercial bands will get to play there, but what about the metal acts? Will we be left out? I hope not.

I guess we will find out shortly, because it is set to open in June, from what I hear.

District Down, Down Again! The band has decided to part ways with their vocalist once again. I don't think there will be a reconciliation this time. The band is quite fed up. It's a shame. I really like these guys and they have worked so hard to build up their name.

After The Fall, Singerless! The band After The Fall has lost their singer to the band Silent Q, who had recently fired their singer. (Damn, this is a fargin soap opera!)

This has caused some bad, bad feelings and I hope no one gets hurt or no trouble gets started because of it. I like both bands, so this sucks. PEACE, brothers.

New Band Alert: Manmade: When I was 15, I met some dude who moved into my hood. He was pretty cool, so I showed him around the neighborhood and got him baked beyond belief. His mom ultimately made him stop hanging around me because I was a bad influence. LOL! Well, he contacted me recently and informed me he is in a hardrock band called Manmade and that they are playing out now. This dude is a great drummer from what I've been told. Go check them out.

Lost In Life To Record: The band Lost In Life will be recording in June with their new vocalist. Hopefully, he sticks around. lol.

Valpurgus Demo Coming:

The band Valpurgus has just recorded a five song CD. Look for it soon.

Forsythe @ Canyonstudios: The band Forsythe is recording their seven-song CD at Canyonstudios next month. They are also putting up their website soon.

Upcoming Shows

Boondocks (in Shepherdsville)

Saturday June 19 High Road Crown

Bulldog Cafe

Saturday May 29 Burning Through Autumn, From Within and Forsythe.

Saturday June 19 Coldshovel and Redefined.


July 24 High Road Crown


Thursday, , June 3, Spitfire Recording Artists Pissing Razors with Low As I and local metal acts Incursion502, False, Kallus and My Own Victim. 6 p.m.

Friday, June 25 Summer Chaos: Phoenix Perdition, Hollow, My Own Victim, End Of Me, Incursion502, Coldshovel, False and Absence Of Faith. 6 p.m.


Friday, June 4 Absence Of Faith.

Friday, June 11 Self Familiar, Hostility and Marrow.

Saturday, June 12 Assisting Sorrow, Ghostrider Black, Skeletonwitch and Kallus.

Friday, June 18 Valpurgus, Gravity Bomb, Miseo and ObsCUREity.

Friday, June 25 Institution.

Saturday, June 26 Miseo.

Phoenix Hill Tavern

The Original Rock Showcase Series. On The first Friday, of every month, in the Roof Garden!

Friday, June 4 Summer Meltdown with Incursion502, Luther, Kallus, False and Assisting Sorrow.

Friday, July 2 High Road Crown, Garden Of Stone, Never The Man and Manmade.

Rustic Frog

Friday, May 28 - Lost In Life.

Uncle Pleasants

Louisville Music News Showcase

Saturday, June 19 Garden Of Stone, Never The Man, Manmade.

Union Station

Saturday, May 29 - Lost In Life.

Props Of The Month

This month's props go out to bands with cojones. One of the rock stations in town has brainwashed or punked out a few bands into not working with the other station, even though the other station has made serious attempts to push Louisville music. Even the heavy stuff! This is a very slick tactic that has worked for them a few times in the past, except for a few bands that have cojones to do what they want and graciously accept any exposure that is offered to them, no matter what the consequences are.

I think that is some low down chit! To tell bands "hey, since we hook you up, we want you to only work with us." lol. So props go out to any band who says " look, we appreciate your help, but we work with who we want, ya dig?"

Me personally, I'd be like..."Deez Nutz!"