Lovin' Every Minute of It

Louisville is For Lovers 2004 (Double Malt Music)
Various Artists

By Amanda Lee Anderson

While most compilation albums seem a hodgepodge of random, unrelated tracks by random, unrelated artists, this one doesn't comply. The Louisville is for Lovers 2004 album features original tracks from sixteen Louisville-based artists.

This collection showcases the best of Louisville's musical acts from all genres-perfectly selected and ordered to give a mellow primer to a listener new to Louisville's music scene, or to add to the collection of a seasoned fan. From the Pine Club's alt-country "Southern Girl" to Kilowatt Hours' slow, ballad-esque "Twentysix" to Christiansen's harder-rock "Love is for F**kers," the tracks are distinctive and demonstrate the diversity of music on Louisville's scene.

The album features an instrumental intro and outro composed by the Palanx Opposition-which also appears in the lineup with "So Some of Us Can Dream." Lovers veterans Elliot are back for a house-influenced melodic remix track entitled "Drive Onto Me," which proves typical of their sound. Also, Second Story Man exhibits a darker (but no less effective) version of its usual vocal harmonies. Music veteran Papa M, a newcomer to Lovers this year, is at his best with "Black and White," which features his signature quiet, contemplative vocals over simple acoustic guitar and banjo.

The Rudyard Kipling hosted a CD release party February 19, featuring contributing artists Second Story Man, the Pine Club, Jason Loewenstein and Ronnie Mack.