Jason Koerner

Louisville Rock Lowdown
By Jason Koerner

"Memoirs of a Lost Writer"

After a much-needed break, as planned, I have returned to Louisville Music News to do my part in the spread of the local music crusade. Fear not, life has been very eventful for me in the past few months.

For starters, I am no longer playing with the band Nemesis. I would like to thank everyone who supported the band over the past few years... it was a lot of fun, thanks to the people who made it worthwhile. Be sure you support any future projects from the other guys in the band, they are all good people and very talented musicians to boot. This has been the fate of several local acts recently, as the constant rise and fall of bands continues when times are tough. "Kudos" to the bands that continue to persevere, despite the many obstacles that lie in your path.

I have some new and exciting things going on that have ensured I will stay busy (and very stressed) as usual. One of which is my newest sub-occupation as a booking agent for Event Entertainment, a company fronted by Tony Nevitt. It has been a great experience thus far and it gives me another outlet to help some local bands out with gigs. It has taught me so much in such a short time. You can look the company up on the web at www.evententertainment.org.

Another new venture of mine is with WLRS 105.1 FM (a.k.a. "The Walrus") along with Ken Mudd on the morning show.

Mudd commented recently, "I just want people to know that there is a thriving local music scene out here. Louisville could be the next Seattle; we have so much talent. We have to keep this scene going strong... even some much bigger cities do not have a scene as great as this one. I just want everybody to get along! It's all good!" (...complete with his signature head nod at the end...)

Mudd is a true supporter of Louisville music and does a lot for the scene, far beyond this segment. Please let WLRS know what a great job he does for the bands in this town by emailing them, calling in, sending a message in a bottle, whatever. Every Friday around 7:45 a.m. I do a segment named after my column ("Louisville Rock Lowdown," just in case you skip that part when you read...) discussing the weekly scoop on the Louisville rock scene. Each week I try to feature a new band with hot news and I plug my concert picks for the weekend. It is also replayed (minus the concert announcements) on the Kentucky Fried Radio Hour every Sunday between 11 p.m. and midnight. There is a chance I may take on a role in the local music hour as well, so stay tuned for that. If you would like to submit your info for consideration for an upcoming radio segment of Louisville Rock Lowdown, email me at rocklowdown@insightbb.com.

Here's what you may have missed on the radio this month...

Week 1: Doubting the Obvious-

DTO just released a brand new CD entitled Clocks, featuring the single called "The Wake," and it can be picked up all over town at places such as Ear X-Tacy, CD Warehouse, Better Days and Borders. It can also be purchased on their web site via Pay Pal at www.doubtingtheobvious.com. By late February, the band expects to have their distribution deal complete through BCD, which will put the disc in the retail market across the region at stores such as FYE and many more.

The CD has a buzz already, even though it has only been on the shelves a few weeks since its release in late December. Ear X-Tacy sales have proven successful as Clocks has already sold out twice and it continues to do well, as a few hundred copies have already been moved. The push for national radio exposure is the current goal and all of this is being done without major record label support.

Week 2: End of Me-

End of Me introduced their newest member recently, Shaun Kennedy from Outspoken. The band also has a new self-titled CD out, containing 13 tracks. It can be purchased at their web site (www.endofme.com) or at local retailers. The CD was produced by Malcolm Springer and is sold at shows for $10.

End of Me has only been together for a little over a year now and already has the buzz from radio and print, as well as some major label interest.

Week 3: Silent Q-

Silent Q has a brand new CD out called Everyday Circus and it rocks! You should definitely go out and pick up a copy somewhere in town, or (even better) at one of their shows...

The CD release party went down at Uncle Pleasant's and it was definitely a party - a huge success for the band. The show had a great turnout and they worked the crowd like pros... The group has really been on the rise this year in the music scene and is gaining attention from all around. Be on the lookout for these guys! Check them out at www.silentq.net.

Week 4: Factor IX-

Factor IX has returned to the local music scene... The band is back from a nine-month break, with a few new members and a slightly different sound. Drew Davis, formally of Contortion and Tornacade, has taken the role as lead singer for the new Factor IX. This was good news for a lot of people who were anxious to see Drew get back into a new project. Also new to the band is guitarist Doug Fergeson. Doug is no stranger to the Scott and Dave... they have a 12-year history, going back to the days of Mindstorm. Doug played more recently with 1080.

The core members of Factor IX (Joey Goldsmith, Dave Wathen and Scott Cox) have been in the scene for a long time and they have proven that they are one of Louisville's top lineups together... It will be very interesting to see what this change in members does for the band. See for yourself at www.factor9.net.

Week 5: Absence of Faith-

Industrial/goth rockers Absence of Faith are known for their visual displays just as much as the music itself. It is not uncommon to see these guys at a Fetish Ball, Body Modification Expo or even a human suspension show.

The band's third CD is on the way soon, as well as the re-release of their first CD, "A New Beginning." All tracks will be re-mixed and re-mastered on that one.

The guys are doing a few dates on the "Angels Are Weeping" tour in March with URN from Chicago. On this tour, Absence of Faith hits Dayton, OH for the Dark Arts Expo, where bassist Jerry Barksdale will be suspended while playing. If you have not seen Jerry do this with your own eyes, you would never believe it could happen. The group puts on a great performance live and has an awesome light show to enhance their presentation, so go check them out.

Week 6: Eddy Metal Productions:

I want to bring everyone's attention to a few of the efforts made to create a greater awareness for original local music. It goes without saying that the Louisville rock scene has benefited a great deal from the Original Rock Showcase concert series put on by Eddy Metal over the past four years at the Phoenix Hill Tavern. On the first Friday of every month, four or five original rock bands get to perform in the roof garden at the Hill, usually in front of a large crowd. Eddy has been behind the non-profit concert series, doing booking for these shows that gives a lot of assistance and exposure to many local groups that do not have an open door to Phoenix Hill otherwise. It has been a great success for everyone involved and has gained support from some great sponsors such as Showcase Music and Canyon Studios.

The next showcase will be on Friday, March 5 and it will feature local "Kings of Metal" My Own Victim, Evil Engine #9, Eclectic, and 7 Day Sunday. The April 2 concert will include Silent Q, High Road Crown, Violenza, Pilotfish and Fail to Falter.

Eddy has also taken on a new showcase each month. This one is at the "back from the dead" venue, Uncle Pleasant's at 2126 South Preston St. off Eastern Pkwy. (It was formerly the Crunch Zone). The LMN concerts happen every third weekend of the month, on both Friday and Saturday. No sponsors for this one yet, so any takers are welcome to contact LMN.

For more information on the local music scene, you can contact me at rocklowdown@insightbb.com, or visit www.louisvillemusicnews.com.

And that is the Louisville Rock Lowdown!