Hit Repeat; You Won't Be Sorry

Living in America (New Line)
The Sounds

By Amanda Lee Anderson

The Sounds are one of many bands from Sweden to bring their work to the United States in recent years, but this album never fails to blow our American minds. American pop princesses wish they could deliver rock to this degree.

The Sounds deliver a vigorous, impelling barrage of energetic sound in their debut album Living in America-post-punk power-pop ranging in tempo from fast to faster, in intensity from ruthless to merciless. That is, the type of merciless rock that keeps you in motion throughout the entire album, feeling utterly like a New Wave rock icon.

Melodically and chordally, there are few aspects of this album that couldn't be done by other groups. But the odd layering of frontwoman Maja Ivarsson's recklessly melodic voice over the synth rips that could easily stand alone as instrumental tracks and distorted guitar and bass, all thrown together at near-breakneck speed, is what makes Living in America distinct. Their sound personifies the impetuous attitude of punk music, without the jarring abrasion-the sound of a band saying, "Screw pop music; this is something that will really make you rock."

Buy this album - but don't expect to listen to it sitting down or standing still. Get on your feet and shake your bum with reckless abandon, because Living in America is the beat-pulsing, provocative album that doesn't give you time to think, only to move. This is music that allows even the uncoordinated to shake it. When it's over, you will find yourself frenzied and drained, yet wanting to hit `replay

` on your stereo and do it all over again.