Hip Hop Derby 130 Style

By Kimberly Cecil

The Kentucky Derby is upon us again and hip hop will be displayed at various celebrity parties and on Broadway. Starting on Monday, April 26, Twista will rip the scene at Headliner's Music Hall, then most of us can take a breather until Thursday night at Jim Porter's where Mya, Loon of the Bad Boy camp and Sleepy Brown of OutKast fame will perform in concert.

Friday night, April 30 will be a prime night to enjoy true hip-hop style with the Road to the Underground Music Awards. The UMAs - as it is sometimes - called will host a stage on Broadway for artists to perform. The crowds will be entertained by Beep from Illinois, Young Prince from Richmond, acts from Empire Records from the `Ville and the nationally known R&B group, Profyle, currently with the #2 Billboard single, "Liar." The UMAs will be hosted by the personalities of Totally Live TV, a new TV show designed to promote independent artists regionally. Promo Radio 91.9FM of New York City will also host. Also, Friday will bring the noise with parties, including Glamourlife.com at the Starks Building and Goodtimers at Kye's. Glamourlife.com, the Derby Event Gala, Darrell Griffith's Celebrity Bash, boasting of Tank and Avant and rumors of a Janet Jackson, Jermaine Dupris and LL Cool J party coming to the Brown and Williamson room at Papa John's stadium (I don't know if it's true yet) are going to have the Ville jumpin'.

The city will be filled with promotions of up-and-coming talent as well as major label talent. The indie scene will be hot, but not as hot as Derby night, when it will be the night to get it crackin' with the UMAs on Broadway again, with groups Money & Gunz Records from Louisville, Bohemian 5th from Philly, G Mack from Lexington and White Boy of ICEE Records/Universal coming in from Chicago.

If you want to be in the fashionable style and got it goin' on, go see Q at Q'Ball's, 721 S. Clay street to fit you up and if you want to meet and greet, just hang with me, Princess K. But, you gotta have a bangin' fit. I'll be hangin' out with Profyle, four sexy, talented brothas from deep in the south and my boyz from Philly, Bohemian 5th. These guys have a neo-soul, Pitch Black, Tribe called Quest thing going on. You might see me with G Mack, my hommie from Lexington, who just got an ad in the Murder Dog and features on his album Boo & Gotti from Cash Money and Big V from Nappy Roots. Profyle and I will definitely be at the Glamourlife.com affair on Friday and the UMAs because they will be performing live.

On Saturday, I'll be rubbing elbows with the (soon to be) rich and famous, White Boy. Once again, I'll be having the time of my life at the Glamourlife.com party, Darrell Griffith's party and the UMAs stage. White Boy, who will be performing live with Twista on April 26, is also a Kayne West-produced and Twista-featured young rapper about to blow up. In reports, White Boy is in the Top 10 coming out of the Midwest. You might what to shake his hand, because next year he'll be surrounded by bodyguards. But once again I'll be hangin'.

If you need more information about the hip hop performances, watch The Industry Lounge on Tuesday nights, on Channel 98 at 11 p.m. You can also email me: PrincessK@louisvillemusic.net

Enough about Derby. Sony Urban is coming to Louisville on May 23 at Yuri's Bistro, hosted by Spike Davis (the comedian). You better get your submissions in before May 10. You can submit by logging onto www.gigamerica.com

and read the instructions. This could be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be seen and heard by Sony Executives from New York. On May 22 at Yuri's, there will be a one-day seminar facilitated by entertainment Attorney Scott Keniley. This event will help prepare artists for the next day's showcase. Stage presence, imaging, interview skills and simple business techniques will be discussed. This seminar will be required of the selected artists/groups.

One question of the week:

Q: How can I get my entertainment company name know nationally?

T. Massey

A: Promote, go to conferences, Internet marketing and join yahoo groups.