No Place to Go But Up

No Further To Fall (Independent)
Crimson Dust

By Leslie Ritchie

What happens when there is no further to fall? The only direction left to go is up and that's exactly the direction this small-town, rock band is heading. With their debut album No Further to Fall, I'm sure they won't have any problems.

A Southern Indiana group (Crawford County, to be exact), Crimson Dust is one on the best garage bands - or in this case, basement band - that I've heard in a while. It's difficult to compare them to any other group; if I had to, it would have to be a mix between Blues Traveler and Three Doors Down. The lyrics of each Crimson Dust song are filled with so much energy and passion and the band's sound is one-of-a-kind.

Founders Adam Breeden (drums) and Sam Cerculis (guitar) are still high schoolers. After numerous personnel changes, Joe Lahue (vocals, guitar, piano) and Reggie Brewer (bass guitar), both high school graduates, have settled into the lineup, giving Crimson Dust a new face, passion and sound.

This 11-track CD is marvelous. The first song, "Farewell," is filled with so much love, yet so much anger. It's the type of music you just want to lie back and relax to. Manager Casey Newton offers some songwriting assistance here and Emily Poe filled out several tracks with some deft violin playing. This album also includes standouts such as: "One More Try," "Tiny Town" and "Incoherent Poem," all of which leave you with a touching sensation - who knew music could be so deep?

No Further to Fall can be found at ear-X-tacy or online at

and at Crimson Dust shows. The band will perform at Wick's Pizza on May 11.