Hey, Take the Plunge!

Flush (Bread and Circus)

By David Lilly

In the Webster's New World College Dictionary, there are 25 definitions for the word, "flush." Leave it to a group of guys from Louisville to create number twenty-six. Not just that, but without going into various perspectives or philosophical details, some of those twenty-five definitions might actually apply to the music of Flush. Though this disc is an EP, it packs a punch in 15 minutes.

Flush rocks, okay? Though "Swankville" is the only thing remotely close to being nominated for most original song title, "I Wanna Be Your Man" is as much of a boost as the caffeine in several cups of leaded joe. Check out that opening electric-washboard guitar riff that leads to almost five minutes worth of jitterbug, bop, twist, watusi, pogo or anything else you want to do. If Bob Marley in a rowdy weekend mood is more your style, you'll certainly dig "Time Will Tell." What can be said about "Swankville"? Plenty, but not by me. It should speak for itself.

Speaking of Marley, I received this disc without a rolled-up-Sunday-paper size spliff, but I really doubt you'll need one to enjoy this music. Flush will get you off, and they're legal. Talk to keys & guitar player/singer Yani "not the new-age guy" Vozos at yvozos@yahoo.com