Dim the Lo-Fi Lights

Harmony (Independent)
Bobby Lewis & Kelli Potts

By David Lilly

Gentlemen, prepare to whip it out: the humility, scented candles and Harmony, that is. Bobby Lewis' piano, Kelli Potts' voice and some unknown accompanists bring you lo-fi versions of songs you are probably familiar with. Songs written by artists as diverse as Eric Clapton, Lionel Ritchie, Irving Gordon, Brenda Russell and Norman Whitfield and titles like "Somewhere Out There," "Try a Little Tenderness," "Up Where We Belong" and "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" should give you a feel for this disc.

There is an hour's worth of popular material covered on this disc. Due to a lack of credits on the folder, I'm uncertain how the backup vocals and music accompaniment (other than piano) were achieved. Otherwise, there's no question as to which of the primary artists here is the most talented piano player and the most talented singer.

If you seek a slick, wax polish of a finish, head for either the Barry Manilow or Home Depot department. If your interest lies with commercial crowd-pleasers and/or show tune recordings, regardless of sound fidelity, of excellent singing accompanied by good piano playing, get a copy of this or catch this duo in a club around town.