Steve Sawyers

Louisville Rock Closeup

Name: Steve Sawyers

Age: 34

Instrument: Lead Vocalist

Band/Former Bands: Shattered Reality, Orion, Blowfly, NEVER

How Long On Instrument: 16 years

Equipment: Sure SM58.....a classic

Influences: Johnathon Davis, Phil Anselmo, Chris Cornell

First Gig: I played in the band battle at the Carl Casper Auto Show back in '88 Damn I'm old!

Hobbies: Sex, Songwriting, Sex, Fishing, Sex, Playstation, you see a pattern?

Favorite Movies: True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, A River Runs Through It, Seven, High Fidelity, Office Space and just about any porn with hot chicks!

Favorite Food: Authentic Mexican

Favorite Place: NYC, I lived there for a short while and I loved the electricity of it. Louisville will always be home, though!

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: Korn, Sevendust, Cake and Marcy Playground. I like a mixture of sounds.

Coolest Thing I've Done: I can't put that here but the 2nd coolest thing I've done was watch the VHS copy of the coolest thing I ever did!

Most Embarrassing Moment: There are so many but one that really stands out is the time I was at Pizza Hut and my girlfriend at the time had been standing next to me waiting on our pizza when I grabbed her a** but it wasn't her a** I grabbed.......let's just say that the guy I grabbed wasn't pleased! True story!