Eddy Metal

News From the Pit
By Eddy Metal

What in the world is going on people? All kinds of crazy stuff is going down lately: Tyson, 4th Street doo-doo, band breakups and brutal music at Jillian's! Whoa. All kinds of stuff to yak about.

Tyson got KTFO! lol. Good. I admit I am still mad about not being able to go. It's very cool that an event like this came to Louisville. I commend the city for allowing it.

Maybe it will open new doors to other sporting events. How about an Ultimate Fighting Championship in Louisville Gardens? (hint, hint)

Another good topic is Jillian's, which is finally having metal shows there now. Yay! That is the last place I thought that would have bruisers such as Superjoint Ritual and Damageplan, not to mention gothic strangeness in Italy's Lacuna Coil. I am not complaining in the slightest. (See review of both shows in this issue.)

In fact, this is all about giving props to Jillian's for finally getting some heavy music in there. Everyone had fun, bartenders made bank, nobody got hurt and there was a great crowd. Everybody won! So to you, Jillian's, thanks for giving us metalheads in this town something we really, really appreciate. Good old fashioned heavy metal mayhem. You took the risk and it paid off. Fans loved it and the Louisville metal scene has some beer-drinking fools, so I imagine some decent money was made. So if you would, Jillian's, please book some more killer metal bands in there. You won't be disappointed.

Topic three is the upcoming movie I plan to make, "Pirates Of The Southend, The Curse Of The Louisville Metal Scene," In which we lose nearly all of our metal scene.

Seriously though, what the hell is going on? Look at all these bands that have broken up: My Own Victim; Kallus; False; 13th Level; Nemesis; Silent Q; Engrind; Intak; Adrenalintake, - . Is it me, or is does this not really suck? I admit it is truly hard to keep things together in a band, dealing with five often-dysfunctional players with messed-up lives and such, but isn't this getting a bit ridiculous? I can understand wanting to take a break from jamming, but to throw away a perfectly good thing, is insane.

It sucks when things don't work out. I myself always try to keep on going and going, because I have fun playing my music. I just took an eight-month break from jamming and now I am ready to rock again. I needed the break. Now I feel somewhat refreshed and renewed. I guess what I'm basically trying to say, is that we should all try to get along a little better and perhaps be a bit more responsible when it comes to our bands.

Things You Can Try: not being late; to be nicer; not to get too drunk; not missing practice; not to smoke 900 doobies in one jam session; not to be on pills; to not think of the chick you are going to bang later; not to do crack; not to kill your grandmother seven times (my old drummer used to cancel practice every other week, because he said his grandmother died.). Apparently the cat forgot he told us, because soon thereafter, she died again! lol.

Seriously. If you got to take a break, take one. But throwing away something cool that you and your band members have worked very hard on, sucks. It sucks for the fans, too!

So talk to each other. Work stuff out. Compromise.

And if that don't work? Knock the m-f out!

The Metal Grapevine

Show Your Loyalty! It seems 4th Street doodoo may be hurting one of the venues in this town who has entertained us Louisvillians for decades, not to mention provided a very cool venue for so many of this areas bands. I have many fond memories of this place.

I recently went there on a Saturday night, when it shoulda been packed. It wasn't.

This is starting to worry me! If this longtime venue closes, do you think 4th street doodoo will be as good to us musicians? Hah. You'll get bubblegum rock up the wazoo! It will like being at DisneyWorld everyday for a year, but on acid! It would be a bad trip.

It would certainly be a nail in the coffin. Trust me on this and go to the longtime legendary nightclub in Louisville's history and buy lots of beer! Support those who have supported us! We true musicians of this music scene need to ensure the survival of our scene.

We cannot let yupster heaven destroy our scene! I shall take my Lord Of The Rings ringwraith sword and chop some yuppie heads off! I'll be like a chubby William Wallace of the movie "Braveheart"! I'll, I'll - .calm down I guess. For now.

But please, think about this. Imagine the consequences if you jump on the bubblegum bandwagon.

Flaw Dropped By Record Label! Insanity. Why in the world would they drop Flaw after just releasing a good CD? It makes no sense. But then again, record companies don't make sense. All I know is, that Flaw is a great band and will no doubt get picked up by another label. One that will actually promote their stuff properly.

Killswitch Engage Coming! Wow, it's hardcore heaven! Sunday September 12 at Headliners, it will be: Killswitch Engage, From Autumn To Ashes, Eighteen Visions and 36 Crazyfists. 8 p.m.

New Venue! A new venue called the House Of Music, located on 1335 Story Avenue (the old Butchertown Pub site), is an all - ages venue that appeals to all genres of music. I've heard it's clean, the PA rocks and they have awesome lights. Any interested bands contact Terry at kentuckytalentbuyer@yahoo.com. He's booking bands now, for October. Better hurry.

Fail To Falter CD Out! Bardstown's Fail To Falter has released a self titled CD, so you should buy one! Or else they will beat you. I'm sure you can find one at the local music distributors.

7DaySun 's New Members! 7DaySun Has Two New Members!

Kevin Arnold (formally Doubting The Obvious) will be filling the position of second guitarist. JD, formally with District Down, will be filling the seat behind the drums.

LMN Showcase Is Moving: The LMN showcase that I have been putting on at a certain venue is going to be moved. Not the Phoenix Hill show's.

We've decided to change it for the same exact reason I stopped booking there when it was called by another name: double booking. Imagine being a promoter who has booked bands a month or longer in advance, not to mention providing a quarter-page advertisement, only to be told a week before the show by the owners that they would like to totally change everything, so that some last minute bands who want to play that night, could. My show was scrubbed, even though it has been advertised over a month! Nothing is more aggravating than this.

If it were a very popular national act, it could have okay to have been worked out.

But instead, I was expected to screw the bands already booked, for another bunch of bands in the same local scene who wanted a last minute place to take their party.

Sorry, but in my eyes, a deal is a deal! My monthly events cannot be pushed aside so callously without a VERY good reason. I have booked shows since 1995 and no club has ever done this, except this particular venue. Therefore LMN is taking the showcase elsewhere. Somewhere where our free help and advertising will be appreciated. The LMN showcase at a new venue, will be up and going real soon

ANY INTERESTED VENUES, please contact me at Eddymetal1@aol.com.

False Breaks Up! The band False is no more. "The curse of the Louisville metal scene" strikes again! Rumor has it that one or two of the guys got bored with it. A lot of people liked False. They did very well in this scene. Perhaps they will work out their problems. Let's hope.

Hot Action Cop Working On New CD: Hot Action Cop is hard at work on their second CD. Expect it when it is done.

New Band Alert! Antikythera is the side project of guitarist Timmy Flaherty of Hot Action Cop, drummer Josh Ricci of Kallus, singer Chris "Mongo" Miller formally of Nemesis and bassist Tony Z, formally of Adrenal Intake.

This is supposed to be some brutal stuff. I'd like to check it out. These guys are damn good musicians.

Forsythe CD Finished! The band Forsythe has finished their new CD and will be selling them starting in September! Buy one.

The Verdict on Skrewd: Ok. Someone told me this new band wasn't that good, but I disregarded the advice and booked them anyway. I'm glad I did, because they were wrong. Skrewd is a pretty good band. The singer has a good voice and strong stage presence. True, I did not like all of the songs, but the ones I did like, made up for the others. And no, I do not think they sound like Metallica, as someone said they did.

Check out this new band. They are good people. My only complaint is that the guitarist needs a new amp head badly. Randall "Dimebag Darrel" "Warhead" amps have terrible reviews! I know because I bought one myself, unfortunately. Lesson learned? Never order an amp head without hearing it first! Hey Kal, try Marshall, Bogner, or even a Mesa Boogie. Yeah, they are expensive. But definitely worth it.

Dillinger Escape Plan Review: Thanks to Terry Harper, who brought Dillinger Escape Plan and others, to Louisville. The three hundred plus people at the show really appreciated Terry this eve. It was hardcore-o-rama! Young, wild-looking kids enjoying some crazy ass music. It was cool. Crowd-surfing, mosh pitting and sweat flying! The only bummer was not being able to see a damn thing. There was no stage at the Keswick Democratic Club: the bands played on the ground! Therefore, I could barely see anything over the sea of hardcore kids.

I liked the two last bands the best. Planes Mistaken For Stars and Dillinger got the crowd off like a hooker on ecstasy! Very good musicians, but the nonstop screaming was killin' a man. I like at least a tiny bit of actual singing.

Anyway, good job, Terry.

13th Level Seeks Singer/Screamer! The band I played guitar for is regrouping and searching for a screamer with the ability to actually sing when needed. Must be dependable and reliable. Contact me 367-2080 or Marcus 957-6886.

Superjoint Ritual/Damageplan/Lacuna Coil Pictures On Our Website!

I was able to get some good pictures of these extremely fast rising bands, so check them out in this Issue, or online at Louisvillemusicnews.com.

Upcoming Shows

Bulldogs Cafe

Friday September 10 P.Y.L.O.T and Violenza.


Friday September 10 Common Ground (Nashville) and Eclectic.

Sunday September 12 Killswitch Engage, From Autumn To Ashes, 36 Crazyfists and Eighteen Visions. 8 p.m.

House Of Music

September 25 Magni Fi, Point Of Anger, 9 Volt Revolt, Lost In Life, Avoid The Sun, 16 Penny Nails and Otium. 6 p.m.

Oscar Brown's

Saturday September 11 Never The Man, High Road Crown, 7DaySun and Violenza.

Saturday October 2 "Roctoberfest" with Waterproof Blonde, Niro and 7DaySun

Phoenix Hill Tavern

The Original Rock Showcase series, on the first Friday of every month in the roof garden.

Friday September 3 - 99MPH (the original music) , End Of Me, Pylot and Face The Day.

Friday October 1 - Never, 16 Penny Nails, Violenza and Boozer.

Uncle Pleasants

Friday September 10 Otium, Flatlyne and Spout.


Friday, September 3 Violenza.

Saturday, September 4 End Of Me, FTK and All Access.

Friday, September 17 Otium.

Union Station

Saturday, September 4 Nemesis "one time reunion show" with Lotticks Corner, Full Tilt, Daybreak, Tragedy, East 146, Valpurgus and Manmade. 6 p.m. Ages 16 and over!

Saturday, September 25 P.Y.L.O.T and Violenza.

Warehouse Pub

Saturday, September 18 Otium.

Props Of The Month

This months props go out to two guys who helped me out recently.

Scott Clark of 100.5 the Fox got me a Damageplan VIP list so I could properly take pictures for you people to check out. Because of his unselfishness (which is extremely rare in RADIO), I was able to get some good pictures. (See Louisville Rock Pix in this Issue and on our website.) I got some killer pics of Dimebag and company, thanks to Scott Clark. I was some five feet away from one of the baddest axemen alive! It was f*%^$g rockin'! Without Scott's help, the Damageplan pictures for LMN would have looked cheesy. It was a battle to get close to the stage.

Another unselfish and cool guy is Bobby Burk of Jillian's (no, not my cousin) , who let me in when there was a mistake on the Superjoint Ritual guest list. The truth is, I never liked Jillian's until now. The management was always less than courteous and didn't appear to be interested in the slightest in having their concerts reviewed, but now that they have Bobby in charge down in Atlas, I think some cool things could possibly be achieved.

Like more metal shows, even local metal. Not to mention much better coverage of events at Jillian's. Thanks, Bobby!