Breakthrough (Independent)


By David Lilly

Did you ever get excited about the music you heard and just want to hug it?

Initially I found it disappointing that Sol17's Breakthrough EP plays about half as long as the band's previous, self-titled CD. After several listens, I remembered that's a good thing, at least for the band. Why? Three words: more music, please. The quality of Sol17's writing and songs has been maintained and/or improved. The Big Change is in the overall sound, which is much improved from that of the previous disc - much like going from AM to FM. Also, thankfully, Melissa Gaddie's vocals are far more audible this time, displaying just how good a singer she really is.

"Race Car" opens the disc, sounding like a vehicle tooling down the street on a clear day. Have a listen to some of the lyrics, though. " the edge of busting loose at my seams," suggests more than a little tension. Hmm, stormy emotional weather - a cathartic drive might hit the spot. Well, Gaddie did it again - introspection that is, with feeling.

"In & Out" comes across to me like Dressy Bessy playing in a downpour of young Jonathan Richman rain. In case that doesn't tell you much, this song is made of gorgeous singing to excitingly sluggish electric buzz saw blues. Did I mention wanting more? The remaining songs shall remain a mystery until you hear them. After hearing the first two, you'll likely want to hear them as well.

Hail, hail, the gang's all there at the band's Want to book them for a gig or offer feedback?

is the ticket.