Movin' On Up

Ride (Independent)
The Big Diggity

By Kory Wilcoxson

Calling themselves "Louisville's Funkrodisiac," the Big Diggity has made the move from jam band to recording artists with the release of Ride, a 5-song EP that showcases the strengths of this eight-man band.

The on-the-move album title is appropriate; the Big Diggity covers a lot of ground in the span of five tunes. The title track sets the mood for cruising with a '70s soul sound bolstered by the smooth vocals of Lamont Connor (who's sung with Tony Toni Tone) and the rhythms laid down by drummer Brian Lambert and bassist Sherman Buschemeyer. The soul-funk groove gets a charge from the smoldering sexuality of "Nasty," which features some unsafe sax work from Mauriece Hamilton that provides the steam.

The centerpiece of the album is "My Child," the track on which The Big Diggity shows its diverse talent and comes closest to capturing the spontaneity of a live jam. The song captures what was best about retro soul (think Commodores at their best) and infuses it with modern stylings and a smooth rap solo from Mr. Theo (who gets to show his chops off more on "Breeve"). The Big Diggity's creativity and skill make this Ride worth taking.

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