Photo of

Acoustic Painting

A Wild Patience (Esperanza)

Lori O'Connor

By David Lilly

Let's see, whatta we got here. There's a pretty voice whose owner uses it well for singing; there's a bunch of good folk songs played on guitar. The singing, guitar playing and songs are the work of one Kentucky native named Lori O'Connor. And, by the way, she's based in Lexington and she's kinda cute, so what more do you want? O'Connor might be seen as a painter whose brush is her guitar and who uses words for paint.

The pleasant rhythm of "Underground" goes on the first canvas. "She rushed to the scene of the accident/Still there was no sign of life/The collision occurred too long ago/to save what little was left inside/She was long feeling paralyzed/Her blood was slowly draining away/The Lord was hoarding his miracles/And she had no energy to pray" leads the way into the rest of the "Underground" story. From the appropriately plaintive "December" come the lines "My hands crack from the cold of the winter/My heart breaks from the ice in your eyes/Now the wind blows through me like a hollow/I'm a worry-worn traveler seeking the light," painting a bleak but moving picture. Don't get me wrong - A Wild Patience is not a depressing CD. It's a series of introspective paintings for your ears and heart and to interpret in whatever ways you choose.

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