Rocketing Back

$10 Coaster (Independent)
King Sonic

By Moe Hettinger

Soul, grit, passion and comedy are the key ingredients in this debut album by hometown band King Sonic. Comprised of all original works, King Sonic - comprising former members of the Jive Rockets - has made their fans proud with this energetic and moving album.

For the soul lover, Richard Powell's sensual "What's Keepin' You Warm" jolts listeners into the world of backroad pool halls filled with deep wailing and original blues. "I Like It That Way" is a sultry track that tempts the soul with a rhythm that reflects the days of Peggy Lee's original "Fever."

Surf music followers can appreciate the roughness of both "Cornbread and Tonic" and "Come On" that are reminiscent of the days when go-go gals rocked out. True swingers can't resist the fast-paced tempo of Cort Duggins' "Band Is Too Fast," while couples heat it up with "One Less Lonely Night."

In "I Sit Here Waitin'," listeners are able to get a real feel for King Sonic's great chemistry and talent. Using one acoustical guitar and a few microphones, the group proves that it flows just as well in the studio as during live shows.

$10 Coaster takes listeners on a roller coaster ride through music deeply rooted in surf, rockabilly, Cajun, swing, rhythm and blues and early rock 'n' roll. As the band puts it: "If you don't like the CD, at least you have a great coaster."

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