Jason Koerner

Louisville Rock Lowdown
By Jason Koerner

"Southend Jinx, Full Tilt and More"

I am not going to make an attempt to recap all of 2004; my memory is lacking for that. There are a few things that will carry on into the New Year that you need to keep a close eye on and one of those is "Southend Jinx."

If you love Jackass, then you will love this DVD that former Kallus guitarist Clifford Whitehead is masterminding. He has the help of some very brave souls in creating one of the funniest things I have seen since the release of the famous Jackass movie. For a low-budget, local attempt to capture some real life antics by some very unusual individuals, this is a work worth commending. The video work is reminiscent of CKY and the like and captures all the bottle-breaking, public elimination, fighting and plain stupidity for our viewing pleasure.

The project is being put out by Procrastinating Video (must be named after me). Some of the key players involved of a nearly all-musician lineup are Clifford Whitehead, Chris "Mongo" Miller, The Pete, John Leveque, Chad Omen, JD Hall and Josh Ricci. The running time of the tape is about 90 minutes and it has been a work in progress since the beginning of the year. The collection of video predates the production of the polished product and a lot of time has gone into the serious side of choreographed chaos.

The editing is in the final stages and Cliff hopes to release the video very soon. Be on the lookout for a release party, tentatively scheduled for January 29 at Uncle Pleasant's or Pappy's, where you can pick up a copy. When the party takes place, you will find Incursion, The Revenants and Antikythera playing there; they are a few of the bands featured in the video. Luther, Incursion, False, The Revenants and Kallus all have their own video features of either live footage, off stage moments, or a MTV style shoot. There is a longer list of bands that have music included in the stunts-caught-on-tape such as Mire, My Own Victim, My Finest Hour, Jefferson County Drunk Tank, Rx.Spock.13, Blacklisted and Odesa, to name a few.

What to expect (not for the weak-stomached, moral-minded, sensitive types):

Ever wanted to see someone smash a beer bottle on his or her head? How about a lot of people smashing bottles on their heads? Why not a huge tequila bottle? All of your bottle-breaking fetishes can be satisfied in one sitting with this tape. Aside from glass smashing, there are more comedic items on the list like streaking, practical jokes, public nudity and the occasional "firecrackers in the underwear" trick. This one definitely breeds new ideas of how to be destructive and I loved every minute of it. It is obviously not for everyone, but if you like to see other people do all the crazy things you are too scared to try yourself, you need to own this DVD. Look for it in 2005...

Some Catch-up:

There are some things I need to catch-up on my column that I have been negligent of lately...

For starters, Full Tilt has been hard at work this year; they recently released a full-length CD called The Endless Smoke Break. It features 12 tracks, including "Celestiana," "A Life Without Life" and "Sea of Space." The album is released under Until I Get It Right Music, which I am assuming is their own label of sorts. The band recorded the tunes with Paul Hart of Demoking Productions between September 2003 and May 2004. The music was a long time in the making, beginning with the band's formation in March 2003. The disc was professionally duplicated and looks damn good.

Full Tilt's lineup is made up of Tyler Lizenby on drums, Jason Griffin on lead guitar and vocals, Dale Wasson on keyboard, Mark Jackson on bass and Zack Dietrich on rhythm guitar. The group compares their sound most closely to Incubus, 311 and Live. The sound is varied from song to song; the group does not yield to any mold. I have seen these guys play live several times and they bring a ton of energy with them to every gig. You can really tell that the band has a lot of fun doing what they are doing.

The Endless Smoke Break is available on CD Baby now at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fulltilt. You can check out the band live at Tailgater's on January 6... I am sure they would be happy to sell you a CD there as well. On January 15, they are taking a little road trip to St. Louis for a gig at the Ten Mile House. Best of luck to the guys at those shows... Visit the band at www.fulltiltrock.com.


A new label under the name Oddessy Entertainment is apparently in the works. I received an email from someone named Deron plugging the business and stating that they are looking for new acts to sign and such. I emailed back asking for a bit more info and have not yet received a response. Their web site is www.odd13.tk, but it appears they may have jumped the gun a bit on the promotion end because there is no content there yet. Cart before the horse much?

Last but not least...

Cheers to the Bulldog Café! They have really been supporting the local metal scene as of late. It is good too see someone fill the void when it comes to venues. I know there is others in town doing it, such as the Warehouse, so let's give them some support in 2005.

I have one request for this upcoming year (and forever after): PLEASE DO NOT PUT LOUISVILLE ON THE MAP BY SHOOTING SOMEONE ONSTAGE. I WILL BE VERY UNHAPPY, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS MY BAND BEING SHOT AT. I am so sick to my stomach thinking about all the stupid people who do things like what happened at Larose Villa. The last thing we need is a tragedy like that to happen anywhere near here. Let's keep the shows safe so we all feel comfortable being there. One isolated incident could ruin many things to come and I do not want to see one crazy f**khead change metal shows forever. Metal already has a bad rap for inciting violence; we do not need to justify those claims in any way. R.I.P. Dimebag.

That's it for now; email me at rocklowdown@insightbb.com with your information for LRL. Rock on, Louisville!