Letter to the Editor.

Daryle Higdon Had A Lot Of Friends.

Daryle Higdon died June 22, 2005. He was a professional musician/drummer who played with several famous musicians during his career. I am Sandie Preston and I am the mother of Daryle's sons, Dale and Ray Higdon. I was married to Daryle Higdon for ten years, so I know a lot about his career in music.

Daryle played with Del Reeves, Grandpa Jones, Loretta Lynn, Dottie West and a host of others during the 60's and 70's. When Daryle was around 14 years old, he toured with Pee-Wee King. Daryle did his school assignments on the tour bus. When Loretta Lynn put together the coal miners benefit concert in Louisville, Kentucky for the survivors in 1970s, Daryle was the drummer for Grandpa Jones and Dottie West.

Ferlin Husky tried to get Daryle to be his drummer but at the time Daryle had a full time gig, and with a family, he didn't want to go on the road, at least not at the time Ferlin wanted him. In 1971, Daryle backed up Tex Ritter when Tex was here in Louisville.

Daryle had so many friends that it was hard to keep up with all of them. Daryle was so talented that ever time a singer came to Louisville, they always asked for Daryle (by name) to be their drummer. It never mattered that these country music stars had their own drummer; for the most part, when they came to Louisville, they left their drummer behind and always used Daryle. Del Reeves, Mel Tellis, Ferlin Husky was always trying to get Daryle to be their fulltime drummer. Two friends in particular who come to mine are Snuffy Miller, who was the drummer for Bill Anderson, and "Porkchops," who was the drummer for Conway Twitty. Snuffy and Porkchops called Daryle "Animal" ... because they said he got wild on the drums, like the character of "Animal" on "The Muppets."

Daryle's two sons by me are Dale Higdon and Ray Higdon. Daryle was very proud of his sons. Both of his sons are musically inclined, but Dale has followed in his father's footsteps. Dale is Daryle oldest son and has been a drummer since childhood. Dale's brother Rays talent lies with the guitar, but he chose not to be a musician. Dale has played professionally and is a drum instructor at Mom's Music. Daryle was always in awe and very proud that his sons had his natural ability.. Daryle would love the fact that Dale is a drum instructor at Mom's Music.

Thank you.

Sandie Preston