You're Never Too Old (or Young)

Beauty From Pain (Inpop Records)

By Kory Wilcoxson

Christian rock group Superchic(k) started out a few years ago singing to the female teenie-bopper set, addressing issues like self-esteem and not letting the world define your value (with song titles like "One Girl Revolution" and "Super Trooper"). Superchic(k) was, as the youngsters say, "off the chain," which I've been told is a positive thing. Not only was the message clean, but also the music was catchy and hip in a No-Doubt kind of way.

But something happened on the way to Claire's Boutique at the mall. Someone realized that Superchic(k) was good. Like, really good. Like, so good their music has been featured in more than 60 TV shows and movies. That garnered them a lot of attention and even more scrutiny. Would they sell out their Christian foundation, a la Evanescence? Would they compromise their message to reach the masses?

Beauty from Pain is the answer and it's a clear "No." The message, if anything, is more potent for their teenage-girl audience: "You need that boy / like a bowling ball / dropped on your head / which means not at all." The band tackles more sensitive issues like eating disorders ("Suddenly") while still being the spokesmen, er, spokespersons for grrl power ("Anthem"). While Christian language has never played a big role in their lyrics (which helps them avoid bland preachy-ness), their songs exude a definitive Christian spirit while still rockin' out. Beauty from Pain is a big step forward for a band destined to be discovered and embraced by a wider audience.