Louisville Rock Closeup

By Eddy Metal

Name/Nicknames: Brett Beckman

No nicknames, but I do get mistaken for that guy in Everclear a lot.

Age: Let's just say I remember when 8 - tracks were top notch technology

Instruments: Guitar, vocal and have played bass

Photo of Brett Beckman
Brett Beckman

Band/Former Bands: My current band is Phearus, [plus] Syn Bolyn, Lifetap, Creative Element, Son of Slam with Ivan and Mike Hebert.

How Long On Instrument:18 years - - wow!

Equipment:Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series half stack, Les Paul Studio, Gibson Explorer, Vantage guitar, Korg AX30G processor, DOD distortion pedal and, of course, GHS Boomers TNT.

Influences:As any other musician I have a wide range, but I would have to say Kiss, Alice Cooper and Metallica had the biggest effect on me. Listen to my lead work you'll hear the Ace Frehley influence and what a coincidence my leads are in Pentatonic minor also. Hhmm maybe time to learn some other scales.

First Gig:The ever-famous Carl Casper's Custom Auto Show band battle. Hey you got to start somewhere.

Hobbies:Doing some acting at Sacred Heart's Ursuline School. Right now working on The Who's "Tommy," playing softball and working out.

Favorite Movies:I'm not a big movie buff, but either "Crocodile Blondie" or "Tracy, I love you" or even "Miami Spice."

Favorite Food:Good old steak and potatoes.

Favorite Place:The stage, right behind my Les Paul.

My Bad Habits:I'm a big time perfectionist.

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: Slipknot, Tool, Pantera, Godsmack, Iron Maiden, C. O. C. Flaw and a lot of unsigned bands that I share a stage with.

Coolest Thing I've Done:Watch my kids come into this world. It is an awesome sight to see. I highly recommend it.

Most Embarrassing Moment: My embarrassing moment would be one night playing at Jillian's and I went to the front of the stage to play a lead for the crowd and did my best Iron Maiden impersonation by putting one foot on the monitor and it moved on me and I almost fell over.